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Go with the odds or with your guts when playing in a casino?

Every decision we make will be subject to our own intuition at least in part. We may overrule that because our brains tell us otherwise, or we might stick with what our gut tells us – this will often depend on how confident we are in what we are doing, and what results we’ve had from both methods of decision making in the past. 

The truth, though, is that even if we think we are working solely with our guts or only with our brains, most decisions we make are a mixture of the two. Is this a good idea when playing in a casino? Let’s look into the idea more closely and try playing the best games from freeslotsites.

The Odds

Making your decisions based on the odds of any particular casino game would seem to make a lot of sense. After all, the odds are given to you in order for you to make these important decisions, and that means you should be at least looking at them, and ideally using them in your calculations. 

Knowing the odds will enable you to think carefully about whether the risk is worth the reward. This is essentially what you need to do whenever you need to make a decision in a casino. How much you risk will be determined by how much you could win, and what the odds of you winning are. 

This is logical. Anyone would be able to see the merit in this. However, the gut will play its part and that means that there could be some confusion. 

The Gut

A gut feeling is that strange sensation you get immediately in a situation. It might be fleeting or it might last for a long time, but it’s the first thing you feel or think when you are faced with a decision when you meet someone for the first time when you are potentially in danger or in fact anything else in life. Many people like to ‘listen to their gut’ because they feel it is a primal instinct that is worth paying attention to. 

Scientists think that the ‘gut instinct’ is certainly a real sensation. It’s most likely what our ancestors used to keep them safe from harm in a world where everything was dangerous! 

The gut instinct isn’t something that some people are going to be happy to trust when it comes to gambling – after all, if it’s wrong (and it could be, because these instincts come not just from a special kind of intuition, but from a variety of other factors including environment, memory, and emotions) a lot of money could potentially be lost. Others are happy to have their lives guided by their gut – but should they?

A Combination

What might be the ideal way to think of your casino bets is to combine both your gut feeling about something with your knowledge of the odds. You can start with the gut, and then look further into the game by looking at the odds themselves. If both answers are yes, then you can feel more confident about playing.