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Live vs. video roulette

We are pretty sure Blaise Pascal would not have had the faintest clue that his delvings into trying to create the world’s first perpetual movement machine would end up inspiring one of the most popular gambling games to ever hit the world. The eminent French philosopher, mathematician, and engineer was certainly the man mainly responsible for the creation of roulette, however, it remains to be seen whether he ever actually knew it. This is mainly because he passed away at the tail end of the 17th Century, at least a hundred years before the roulette we know today was invented in France. The Italians, however, were quite quick to co-opt Pascal’s invention into the game “biribi”, something that resembles a very rudimentary and primordial version of roulette. So who knows? Maybe Blaise Pascal would have known his influence on the gambling sphere before he died.

What he certainly wouldn’t have known, however, is that the subsequent game of roulette would quite quickly come to take over the world in the 1800s, becoming one of the main instigators of the super casino craze that originated in Central Europe before being banished to the safe haven of Monte Carlo. Gamblers have a lot to thank roulette for, especially if they are keen on the massive and decadent casinos that can now be found in places such as Las Vegas. The game is now a staple in casinos all around the world, and that is mainly because it is just so incredibly popular. And anyway, why would it not be? You would do well to find a game with as much inherent dynamism, that’s for sure. As the 21st Century has rolled in the gambling world has been hit with various online developments, something that has propelled roulette even further into the limelight. Gamblers can now play things like live or video roulette from the comfort of their own homes, but what are these things? And who wins between when you play casino games live at King Casino and video roulette? We suggest you read ahead for the answer… 

What is video roulette? 

It shouldn’t take a genius to work out what video roulette is, as the clue is in the name. As opposed to normal roulette played on a real-life wheel, video roulette is played on a screen in much the same way as you would play a modern video slot machine. The software uses a powerful mathematical modeller to determine how the ball spins around the wheel, in a way that seeks to resemble the physics of reality as closely as possible. 

You can play video roulette in hundreds of places on the Internet, all you have to do is find an online casino that you like the look of. Video roulette is also getting to be quite common in actual casinos too, mainly because it means the casino doesn’t have to employ quite as many employees. However, we cannot see why someone would willingly choose video roulette over the real thing in a casino, although each to their own… 

What is live roulette? 

For many people live roulette one-ups video roulette, because it retains the real-life aspect, whilst still having the practicality that comes with being able to gamble from the comfort of your home environment. It works like this: somewhere in the world is a real-life roulette wheel with a real-life operator, and this is live-streamed directly to all the players involved in the game. 

As you might imagine you will need a much better internet connection for live roulette than you would for video roulette, but the trade-off is that you get a much more realistic gambling experience. 

Pros of video roulette 

So then, what are the pros of video roulette? Well, the biggest one is that you can play from the comfort of your own home, something that is especially good for those keen gamblers who don’t live anywhere near a decent land-based casino. 

As with the vast majority of online gambling games, video roulette also gives you a chance to make use of the various online casino offers these days, some of which are absolutely incredible. 

Cons of video roulette 

Of course, there are also some pretty obvious cons to video roulette, the main one being that it simply isn’t the same watching a digitalised roulette wheel as opposed to the real thing. 

This is bad on an aesthetic level, but it can also affect the trust we gamblers have in the process too. It is much easy to manipulate a piece of software in favour of the house, for example, something that it pays to be wary of. 

Pros of live roulette 

One thing that many gamblers love about live roulette, especially in regard to video roulette, is the fact that there is an actual human being involved, making the whole game a lot more personal. 

Furthermore, live roulette actually uses a real roulette wheel, meaning that it is much less likely to be tampered with in favour of the house. 

Cons of live roulette 

There are still cons to live roulette, however, and one of the main ones is that you need a very good internet connection to be able to play live roulette properly. There is no problem at all if you already have one of these, but there are hundreds of thousands of us who do not live in an area supported by high-speed broadband. 

Another slight con is the fact that you still don’t get the same level of excitement as you would playing roulette in a casino, and this can put people off. 

Live vs. video roulette: Who wins? 

Right then, it is time for the verdict – who will win between live and video roulette? Well, for us we are always going to choose live roulette over video roulette, mainly because it has a much more personal and real life element. The only thing you have to make sure of is that you have an internet connection that will be able to handle the live streaming element.