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How To Become A TikTok Star

As we’ve known for a while now, it’s getting harder and harder to become a social media influencer. Millions of people want to become an influencer, and every form of social media imaginable is full of individuals and channels that get no views and fail to influence anyone. It’s a glamorous job if you can do it, but many are called, and few are chosen. Only the best get to the top – and you’ll need a little help if you’re going to make it. 

Fortunately, there’s a new craze in town in the shape of TikTok. While Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram were your best bets to reach fame by going viral in the past, TikTok is now your best bet. While it’s becoming more popular all the time, it still doesn’t have as many users as the other platforms, and so it’s a little bit easier to make your name and grow an audience. The biggest TikTok stars are earning more than $200,000 for every post they make, and it’s a lot of money for very little work if you can stand out from the crowd. 

As with anything involving social media fame and trying to make it as an influencer, you’ll need luck on your side as well as skill. Trying to go viral is similar to playing online slots. That might sound like a strange metaphor but go with us on it. You can do the same thing one hundred times on an online slots game without winning anything at all, but on that 101st attempt, suddenly everything lines up, and you get paid out. Persistence and consistency are more important than anything else. The good news is that while you can win thousands playing UK casino slots, you can earn even more with a successful TikTok account, and once you’ve got momentum, the odds shift dramatically into your favor. 

Here are a few can’t-miss hints and tips we’ve picked up to help you on your way and growth services on TikTok are an option as well. 

Always Look Your Best

Those of you who pay attention to social media or app news might have caught on to an unsavory piece of news within the past few months – apparently, TikTok discriminates against ugly people. We don’t know how true that is, but we do know that viewers are naturally drawn to people that they find attractive. Not all of us are blessed with good looks from birth, but all of us do know how to look our best when the occasion calls for it. Treat your TikTok videos as you would a big night out when it comes to getting dressed up. We’ve heard several stories of people who were struggling to attract followers on TikTok before they started dressing up, and that made the difference for them even though their content didn’t really change. It’s a little shallow – but it’s something you have to do if you want to get ahead. 

Post, Post, and Post Again

One good video won’t do anything for you, even if it’s one of the best videos on the whole platform. People binge-watch TikTok videos like they binge-watch their favorite television shows, and if you don’t have a lot of content to offer, you won’t hold anyone’s attention for long. You don’t just have to be good; you have to be constant. We all have different amounts of free time on our hands, but if you want to turn TikTok into a career, it’s something that you have to find the time for. If possible, post at least twice a day. You won’t strike gold every time, but giving people something to watch regularly means that they always have a reason to come back to you. 

Use All TikTok’s New Toys

How To Become A TikTok Star

As a platform, TikTok is always adding new features. That might be a new filter, a new plug-in, or a new video effect. They’re not putting those features there for nothing – they expect people to use them. As soon as something new lands on TikTok, use it to make a video. Videos that feature TikTok’s new toys get promoted and pushed a lot harder than those that don’t while the features are new. The other positive of doing this is that if you’re one of the early adopters, you might be able to show your audience something they haven’t seen before on the platform. Novelty is a rare thing on social media, and while it won’t last forever, it can help you to build an audience you can keep for the long haul. 

Make Them Laugh

The users that get the most views on TikTok are the people who can make their audiences laugh. People use TikTok for a good time. It’s not like YouTube, where the serious subject matter can draw eyeballs just as easily as more light-hearted content. TikTok is a platform for fun and frivolity, and the more fun you bring to the table, the more people will warm to you. It’s a challenge to get a funny story into a fifteen second time limit, but it’s not impossible. Funny costumes work, funny dances work, and, of course, jokes work. Not everybody is a natural comedian, but you don’t have to tell jokes to be funny. Find a comedy vehicle that works for you and feels comfortable, and then share it with the world. If it comes across well, people will soon follow. 

Use Tags

We have no idea why people upload videos to TikToks without tags on them. They’re wasting their own time because nobody is going to find them. Tags on TikTok work exactly the same way tags on Twitter work. If something is trending, you better get on it fast and come up with a video that fits a theme. The good news is that you’re never short of new trending tags, and so you should never be short of ideas for new videos. As a pro tip, create a tag of your own and use it alongside the trending tags. People will come to associate the tag with you, and so they’ll use it to look you up even when you’re not using the same tags that brought you to their attention in the first place. To all intents and purposes, your tag is your brand. Use it wisely!

Everything else is up to you. We can tell you to look good, bring the jokes and post often, but we can’t help you with content. That’s something you either have or you don’t. If you do, get online and show us what you’ve got. We can’t wait to see you! 

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