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How to Create a Meditation Oasis in Your Backyard

Meditation is an excellent method for destressing and finding inner peace. Living in these hectic times can take a lot of toll on an individual, making them feel anxious, nervous and tense. That’s when meditation can be an excellent way to bring back calm and happy thoughts. If you have a backyard and you’re considering remodelling it, we suggest you create a meditation garden in your home. Don’t think you’re up to the challenge? Don’t worry, creating a meditation oasis in your home will be piece of cake, if you only follow the tips we’ve listed below.

Declutter first

Every oasis of calmness requires cleanliness. Can you imagine feeling at ease in a space filled with rubbish and various tools lying around? We think not. That’s why you’ll need to evaluate the condition of your backyard first and see what needs to be thrown away or stored in the shed. Is there a watering hose in the middle of the garden? How about that shovel you used a week ago? Move everything away until you need to use it again to create a clean environment for your future meditation garden.

Invest in water features

When you think about serenity in the garden, what comes to mind first? A calming sound of cascading water, right? Just imagine yourself sitting on the matt in your garden, eyes closed and a fountain running in the background. Build a water feature in your garden to promote calmness and relaxation during your meditation sessions. Soothing water creates the same comforting effect, so if you don’t want to invest in a fountain, maybe you can add water bowls or a fish pond. Place some rocks or rock sculptures, around the water feature, for added solidity and steadiness of your peaceful garden zone.

Create privacy for ultimate relaxation

Meditating outdoors will expose you to the prying eyes of passers-by or your neighbours. Don’t risk getting interrupted by the feeling of someone watching over you, but seclude your garden with fencing. With chain wire fencing, you’ll get all the privacy and security that you need. It will provide exceptional protection from intruders and privacy from any peeping from the streets. You won’ have to worry about stray dogs or neighbours’ pets walking into your yard because quality wire fencing will secure your garden excellently.

Add various sculptures

Make your meditation sanctuary unique and special by adding significant sculptures to it. Do you have an animal totem that fascinates you? Maybe you’d like to place a memorial to someone beloved in your oasis. Whether you decide to make a sculpture or invest in a local artist’s one, it will make your meditation garden more special and calming. Buddha images or statues and small pagodas will also look soothing and make the sanctuary more meditation-like.

Introduce plenty of greenery and décor

A meditation garden cannot be soothing enough if there’s no greenery around you. Add scented plants or scented flowering that have calming effects on you. From native to tropical and herbal greenery, all of those will look lovely in your meditation garden. Choose the plants that evoke calmness in you for the ultimate meditation ambience. Look for inspiring colours, lines, patterns and shapes in plants when deciding which of them you want to plant in your meditation sanctuary.

Creating a meditation garden has never been easier. It will require a little bit of research, thoughtful choices and strategic planning, but it will all be worth it in the end. When you decide to create your meditation sanctuary, keep our listed tips in mind to make the most calming area in your backyard.

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