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Cosmetic Surgery

How To Get Ready For A Botox Treatment

Every botox treatment requires that you embark on certain steps to ensure that the procedure is hitch-free. Additionally, it might help you heal quickly and reduce complications and risks when you do or do not do certain things. 

Therefore, before you get botox, it is recommended that you properly prepare for the procedure. Ample preparation will let your mind be at rest, knowing that you are prepared for the treatment and the recovery period. 

Ideally, the treatment takes 4 to 5 days to show its full result which is less noticeable in facial lines.

So let’s find out how you can get ready for botox.

  • Schedule a consultation with your surgeon

When you visit your doctor for a Botox in London consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss specific issues before you receive the injection. During this consultation, you can address any concerns and share your expectations regarding the treatment. It is important to be open about your medical history and any specific aesthetic goals you have in mind. This detailed discussion will ensure that the Botox procedure in London is tailored to meet your individual needs and desired outcomes.

Additionally, the doctor would assist you with answers that would make you comfortable with the procedure you are about to take on and the risks. This ensures that your body is ready and in good shape to handle the recovery demands.

For instance, when you schedule a botox by Dr. Esmailian, the doctor would tell you about your candidacy for the procedure. According to him, the patient is not supposed to have any neuromuscular diseases, be older than 18 years, have no rashes or active skin outbreaks in the area for treatment, and is not pregnant. 

  • Cease medications as advised by your doctor 

When preparing for botox, you can reduce the chances of bruising or excess bleeding by avoiding blood-thinning supplements like alcohol, vitamin E, and ibuprofen about weeks before your treatment. You might also need to cease the intake of some blood-thinning medications. However, it would be best if you only did this with your doctor’s permission and guidance. 

  • Quit smoking

When preparing for botox, it is advisable to quit smoking about three weeks before starting the procedure. It might be hard to quit smoking, but it is essential to your recovery. When you smoke, the oxygen flowing through your body is reduced, meaning your cells might take time to rebuild themselves.  

When you quit smoking several weeks before your procedure, the oxygen flow in your body begins to flow faster into your cells hence a faster recovery time. 

  • Make preparations beforehand 

Even when the botox procedure goes smoothly, your body still needs ample time to rest after the procedure. This is why you should plan toward a downtime free from strenuous activities. 

Aim towards completing every office work or housework beforehand. Additionally, you can seek a relative or friend to help you cook your meals. 

  • Stick to healthy diets

Botox improves your body shape and makes it look better. However, it does not have any effect on your eating habits. So to avoid gaining your previous old body, you have to plan and follow a healthy diet to keep it. 

That’s A Wrap 

While getting ready for botox, it is important that you perform it in an accredited and licensed hospital or a surgical facility. Make plans for a friend or family to drive to and from your treatment location and keep you company for your first night after the process.

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