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How To Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams

If you’re about to get married, or you just got engaged, congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than spending that special day with the person that you love, and having your whole family and all of your friends around you to witness it. Whilst this is (or will be) possibly the best day of your life, there are a lot of things that you need to plan out, and you need to make sure that your day is memorable for all of the right reasons. If you want to be certain that you are ready for everything, and your wedding is the unique and beautiful day that you have always dreamed of, then read on, and get in the zone when it comes to planning!

How To Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams

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Choose a location

The first thing that you need to think about as a couple is the location that would be perfect for your wedding. This is a really exciting thing to think about, as you’ll be trying to reflect on the place that you and your partner really love; a place, perhaps, that has been important to both of you throughout your relationship. Do you really like going on holiday somewhere, like Italy, and would you love to have your ceremony on your favorite beach? Whatever it is that means a lot to you, this will probably be the ideal place for your wedding. If family is a big thing for you and you want to be in your hometown, then this may be a good idea, too.

Choose a venue

Once you have the location decided, you also have to think about the venue that you want to hire to make your big day perfect. Where is it that you really want to get married, and is there a venue that will cater to the wishes that you both have when it comes to your dream wedding? For example, if you are both religious then a wedding in a church may be a good idea, but if this isn’t top of your priority list, maybe you could hire somewhere like a castle or a stately home for your walk down the aisle? Whatever it is that you’re interested in, make sure that this is also reflected in your choice of venue as well as the location you’ve picked out.

Pick out the dresses and suits

Not only have you got to think about the wedding dress that you’re going to wear (or the suit) but you also have to think about what your bridesmaids are going to wear, and whether there will be a dress code for your other guests. This will all depend on the location and venue, as you may want to go for lighter options if your wedding is going to be on a sunny beach somewhere, so make sure that you’re mindful of this. You need to think about your budget here, too, but you’ll know as soon as you find the perfect dress, as it will just feel right. Start shopping early, so you have time to find what it is that you really want.

Hire a photographer

When it comes to getting a wedding photographer, there are a lot of things to consider. Not only do most photographers have different styles, but they will also cater to the kind of look that you’re trying to get across in your photos. From vintage and black and white snaps to stylish color shots, there are a lot of things that you need to think about, so look through the portfolios of some photographers before you take the plunge. If they can create a great album for other people’s weddings, the likelihood is that they can make it work for yours, too. Get in touch with somebody, and see what the prices and styles are like!

How To Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams

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Choose a caterer

Aah, wedding food. Long gone are the days of everybody having a finger buffet at their weddings, and there are now a whole host of different caterers available for weddings. This is also something that you and your partner will have to decide based upon your mutual interests, so think: is there a particular type of food that you both love to eat, and you’d both love on your wedding day? Think about catering for your guests, too; if a lot of your friends are vegan, for example, you should be mindful of this and make sure that there are some options for plant based people and vegetarians if you can. Ultimately, just decide what food you’d love!

Decide on a decor theme

Another thing that you need to plan is what type of decor you think would be perfect for your wedding. This will probably depend on the venue as well, so you need to visit it a few times to get a real feel for how the decor would look in the space. Options range from things like a vintage themed wedding (perhaps you could have some photo booths and vintage furniture) to more outlandish themes like beach chic, so think about what decor you’d like to go with and plan it out from there. You can reflect your theme in the table decorations, the flowers, and other parts of the venue, so look into how you can make it work.

Choose your guests

When it comes to guests, you need to decide what your budget is, and who you’re going to invite to the wedding itself. You don’t have to invite everybody to the ceremony, and they could come to the reception or party afterwards if you’d prefer to only have your close friends and family witnessing you and your partner tying the knot, so think about who you’re going to invite. You then have to get to work on getting the perfect invitations designed, so make sure that you’ve sent these out as soon as you secure the venue! You’ll be glad that you did it early when all of your loved ones have got it in their schedules quite far in advance.

Think about the unique touches

The best thing about your big day is going to be the unique little touches that you and your partner add, to make it the perfect memory for you both. Don’t think that you just have to go off of convention, as you can do whatever you want to do to make it reflect your personalities. There are plenty of ideas on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, and you could find something that will just add a really unique element to your wedding. Perhaps you could give some of your guests disposable cameras, and get the results developed so that you can see things from their perspectives a few weeks later? Whatever you do, be unique!

So, there are many things to think about when you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, from the dresses to the photographer, to the catering and right down to those unique little touches that will make everybody remember your big day forever. The most important thing, though, is that it reflects the unique personalities of you and your partner, so make sure that you both have the day you’ve always wished of, and don’t just go with convention or what anybody else says is the ‘right’ way to do it. Enjoy your wedding, and make sure you do everything your own way, so that you can remember this wonderful day for the rest of your lives!


Have fun, and happy planning!