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How To Protect Your Dog Throughout The Winter

Just as we find ways to keep ourselves warm, our pets also require special care during the winter. From their sleeping place to their diet, here are things to do to keep your dog comfortable throughout this chilly season. 

1.     Go on walks all wrapped up

Dogs are happiest when they walk and exercise outdoors. However cold it is, walking your dog once in a while is, therefore, an excellent idea.

But just as you wear hoodies, there are fanciful coats your four-legged buddy can wear to stay warm as they walk in the cold. This is most important for fine-coated dogs, such as greyhounds. 

2.     Clean your dog’s toes after a walk

Snow gets easily lodged between your dog’s paws when they walk in winter. When you get back inside, check your dog’s paws, tail, and ears to remove the snow lodged in there. The snow can compact and cause pain or frostbite.

But most importantly, there may be toxic ice melts and rock salt mixed in the snow. This is dangerous for your dog as they may lick their paws when they return from a walk in the snow. Wearing boots for your dog before going outdoors wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

3.     Keep your furry friend active indoors

Some pets would be highly reluctant to get out in the cold. Since dogs require stimulation and activity to stay healthy and happy, make sure you provide them with lots of toys to keep them active indoors. Getting bully sticks would be a great idea to give your dog a lasting chew that keeps them occupied and their minds away from the cold. 

4.     Use warm beddings

Due to the cold, your dog will cuddle up often during the day. The hard floor wouldn’t be comfortable for your pet. Therefore, it’s best to ensure their beddings are always warm so they always have somewhere comfortable to lie upon whenever they want.

You may be tempted to change your pet’s sleeping place to somewhere warmer during the winter. But instead of doing that, you can place a carpet or rug underneath their bedding. 

5.     Adjust their diet

If your dog becomes much less active during winter, consider reducing the food they eat so they don’t get overweight. Bully sticks are also an excellent alternative since they give your pet a long-lasting chew that keeps them active without increasing the amount of food they consume.

However, some dogs play more in winter because they love the snow. Increasing your pet’s caloric intake in winter is one way to keep such dogs happy. 

6.     Keep them away from direct heat sources

You’d often find your pet cuddling up around heat sources during winter. They may tend to get closer or touch accessible heat sources to feel warmer, but they’re at risk of burns. It’s therefore advisable to place barriers around radiators, stoves, and other hot materials your dog can reach. 

7.     Change drinking water often

Your dog’s drinking water will get cold in just a couple of hours. Since pets drink less often during winter, change their water frequently so that they have a warm drink whenever they want. 

Your dog’s happiness and comfort are important to their health. As they’re your best friend, you’d be theirs as well if you can do all it takes to give them that during the cold season.

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