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ChristmasGift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Wife Smile

Christmas presents the perfect opportunity for you to make your wife smile.  Show the woman you love just how much you appreciate her by finding a gift that will truly speak her language.  

There’s no excellence in a $10 prefab gift box.  Your wife expects more than that from a gift, and you can do better.  Take some time now to expand your horizons, and check out a brief look at some excellent gift ideas to make your wife happy on Christmas.  

Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Wife Smile

Go big for your musician

If your wife is a musician of any capacity, she won’t be mad at a new instrument for Christmas.  You can get a quality baby grand piano for a reasonable price, and you’ll see her face light up light the Christmas tree.  

If she likes a different kind of strings, grab her a quality acoustic guitar.  Music is also quite digital these days, so a nice tablet or iPad would be a great instrument for creation.  

Give her the ideal evening

Plan an evening of care for your wife.  Pamper her by cooking her dinner. Run her a bath, and let her have control of the remote.  

The little things make a big difference for your love, and she will appreciate the concern for her well-being.  Just be sure you’re not centering the evening around your own needs, as it would defeat the purpose.  

Spend time crafting her something

If you take the time to use your hands and make her something useful, your wife is sure to smile.  You don’t have to be a specialist to create something special.  

YouTube has a plethora of videos that will give you a quick once over on how to create just about anything your mind can think up.  The process of creating whatever it is you make for your lady is what makes it so valuable.  

Take the kids for a day out

If you and your wife have children, you can create a joyous time for her by taking the kids for a day out on the town.  You’ll make excellent memories with your kids, and give your wife the relaxing silence she craves.  

Clearly, you don’t want to give her this particular gift on Christmas day.  Instead, give her a coupon for a kid’s day out, and let her decide what day you take the kids on an adventure.  

Find her love language and speak it

Do a quick search online for love languages, and learn the various ways in which people communicate their love.  If you can nail down her love language, you can derive a pinpointed gift with a 100 percent chance of producing a smile.  

12 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Wife Smile

  • I would absolutely love the evening of care. A night where I don’t have to make single decision sounds like heaven.

  • These would be impressive gifts. A baby grand piano is a really big gift idea!

  • Ruth I

    These are fantastic ideas! This is going to make everyone’s wife super happy. Gifts are not always materials I understand.

  • Kathy

    I think these are all wonderful ideas. I love the idea of him taking out the kids for a while. My husband does that once in a while, but not enough haha.

  • This is a great list of gift ideas that will make your wife smile. I’d love some of these ideas.

  • Lori Vachon

    Great gift suggestions, I feel my husband might need a little help too. He’s a great shopper with a list!

  • These are some lovely ideas. I always think that something made by hand is extra special – it is incredible what some people can make and do.

  • As a wifey myself, I would adore a romantic evening dedicated for some alone time with my husband. It’s the absolute dream!

  • Tasheena

    I really enjoyed this post. These are all wonderful ideas. Knowing your love language is so important.

  • Great ideas! I always love it when hubby wants to have a special night out.

  • I LOVE that you mention “find her love language” that is exactly what we should all do. To find out what is the most special for that person! I REALLY love this!

  • I love these ideas and I wish I had musical talent. My husband just came through with a great gift for our anniversary so let me see how he does for the holidays lol.

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