How to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine

Looking gorgeous can be expensive, especially if you have a penchant for upmarket cosmetics and hair-care products. The likes of the Kardashians and Jenners make it look very easy when they appear in a constant stream of glamorous selfies looking perfect, but it is important to remember that they have a lot of help behind the scenes!

Indeed, Kim has admitted in the past that she often takes 200+ photos before choosing one to upload to her Instagram account. To be frank, the rest of us don’t have the time for such behavior. We also can’t afford to use the same products as her, so if you are looking to save some cash on your beauty routine, here are a few tips.

Streamline Your Beauty Routine

The first, and most obvious, tactic is to look at your daily routine and see whether there are any areas where you can make savings. Say, for example, you have a habit of only using brand name cosmetics and beautify products. Do you really need to splash out on these? On the other hand, are there cheaper brands that work just as well? Do some online research. There may be products available for a fraction of the cost that does a better job.

Make Your Own Products

Face cleansers and face masks can be pretty expensive, yet it isn’t so difficult to make your own natural products. You can use ingredients available at home: oatmeal, honey, natural yogurt, aloe, avocado, banana, and sea salt. Mix and match to create delicious products that cleanse and moisturize your skin. There are lots of recipes available online, so be creative.

Use Testers and Freebies

Most big brands give away small test pots of their products, to help customers decide whether the product is right for them. If you play your cards right, you can acquire plenty of test pots for free and avoid paying full price for the product. Visit your local store and see what testers you can try. Freebies and test pots are also available online.

Have a Discount Haircut

Don’t pay full-price for a haircut. If you have short hair, use hair clippers from to keep it tidy. Alternatively, if you prefer a less drastic look, make an appointment when it is trainee night at your local salon. The prices will be a lot cheaper and since all trainees are monitored very carefully, you don’t need to worry about dodgy haircuts.

Cheap Hair Color

Why pay salon prices when you can color your hair at home for free? Natural henna hair dye is effective and non-permanent; there are also lots of home hair-dye products available at supermarkets and discount beauty stores. Just be sure to do a skin test before you use them.

Blog about Beauty

Writing a blog about beauty topics is fun. You may also be able to score some free products in return for unbiased product reviews once you build a readership.

Going for a natural look is the cheapest beauty routine in the world, so try it out at the weekend. You never know you might like it.