I’m NEVER Taking A Bath Again
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I’m NEVER Taking A Bath Again

It started off like any other bath.. I was having a perfectly normal stressed day of watching Abby. I could tell that my back was ready to go on shut down so I thought a nice long relaxing bath would help ease the pain. I turned on the water just like every other day and checked to make sure it was hot enough to suit me. I stuck my toes in the water and swirled them around.

It was P E R F E C T.

I threw in about a cup of Lavender bath salts and removed my girlie girl garments. One leg over the side, two legs over the side. I sank down in my nice hot Lavender scented bath and thanked the Lord for running water, Lavender AND bath salts. We take so many things for granted. I try to remember to show thankfulness when the thought crosses my mind.

I knew Abby was having herself a good time at the dining room table with a scrapbook, glue and a pair of children’s scissors. Children’s scissors aren’t sharp, right? R I G H T?

I was soon to find out that answer.

There I sat, my eyes closed, head resting on a bath pillow, humming a Tim McGraw song, Glade candle going, coffee cup at my fingertips, when lo and behold she came bursting through the bathroom door. She being Abby the angel, of course.


“Hair” today, gone tomorrow. Oh my God, please tell me I didn’t “hair” that right. I couldn’t even open my eyes I was afraid of what I would see. In my firmest mimi voice ever I told her to go sit down at the table until I finished my bath and NOT to touch those scissors again.

It then dawned on me she said Pup cut her hair. NO!!! Pup is not allowed in the house when Alison the bunny is in here.

Abby back in the bathroom. “MIMI PUP IS CHASING BUNNY.”

This can’t be happening. THIS IS MY BATH. M I N E.

Again, I sent her to the dining room table so I could get out.
I should have stayed in the tub. I would have stayed in the tub if I had known it was going to be my most expensive bath ever.

Why do I say that?.. well “hair” ya go…

I'm NEVER taking a bath again

My drapes…

 I'm NEVER taking a bath again

Before I could even gasp, Pup who was not supposed to be in the house was chasing Alison the bunny, who was not supposed to be out of the carrier. Abby was chasing Pup, I was chasing Abby, Alison was chasing me.My house is a freakin circus.

I’m NEVER taking a bath again.