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Dressing Tips for Men in 20s and Beyond

The twenties are everyone’s perfect age for experimenting. It’s a period of self-discovery that usually comes with a lot of room for errors. However, it’s also a key time to develop core style habits and make good first impressions. Also, your twenties mean a lot to your dressing as it will hopefully see you transition from being a boy to a young professional. 

The good thing is that you can never go wrong with style and fashion if you discover your taste early in life. But even in the early stages of discovering your style, you need guidance on what type of dressing will benefit your developing maturity. That’s why we’ve developed this guide to help you navigate each passage and educate you on how to dress in your 20s and beyond. 

1. Find Your Individuality

The twenties is the perfect age to be yourself.  That’s why you need to find your individuality and self-identification. However, we understand this could be a little more hectic given you have a lot of celebrity role models to look up to. Styles from your friends and colleagues could also be a key obstruction to finding one style you can identify with.

If you want to find something different and unique, you need to consider experimenting a little. This could be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Whether it involves going against the usual or not, the key here is to find your style and build on it. 

For instance, this is the time to decide whether you love the urban cowboy style or that traditional look. Finding this early will stop you from being an impressionist and develop your unique style — something a man of your age should be doing.

2. Invest in Affordability 

Being in your early twenties means you can barely sustain an expensive lifestyle. That includes buying the latest designer suits and fashion styles. So, invest in affordable clothing that’s basic but also classy. 

It makes no sense to fill your wardrobe with expensive clothes when you can find cheap ones that define your style better. You’re better off alternating four shirts than going for a pricier one. It also doesn’t hurt looking more adventurous in your style. You’ll look more youthful, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time.

3. Know Your Colour

The twenties are the ideal time to figure out how to pick the right colors for your skin tone. If you have darker skin, outfits with a lighter color will be appropriate. That is tones of pale blue, white, and pink. Darker colors like navy blue and brown will be perfect if you have lighter skin.

Go ahead and adopt this as the backbone of your accessories game as well. You can also invest in ties and socks with hints of your favorite color pattern to make your look more complete.

4. Go For Style, Not Fashion

The biggest mistake you can ever make in your dressing game is confusing fashion with style. Unlike fashion which is short-lived, style lasts forever. So, getting it right will help you in your twenties and beyond. 

If you want to relate more to how style differs from fashion, consider a few styles that have remained relatively relevant until now. They existed in the past century but still command more respect than contemporary fashion.

For instance, some of the absolute basics from old age like black suits and shoes will never go out of style. They’ll remain a favorite style regardless of how many fashion trends come and go. So, don’t easily be swayed by fashion. After all, what’s the point in buying expensive clothing in the name of a fashion trend only to last for a month or two? 

5. Build Some Depth in Your Wardrobe Collection

If you’re keen on dressing to impress, you need to prepare your wardrobe for all that. It’s all worth the time and resources you put in, given you’ll be dealing with your dressing demands all in one. Here is a wardrobe collection that perfectly suits your age. 

  • Dark Jeans

You won’t go wrong with dark jeans in your wardrobe. They are the most standard pair of clothing every man’s wardrobe should have. These jeans match well with blazers, smart shoes, and sneakers. That means they’re an ideal dressing code for every occasion. 

  • White Shirts

White shirts are a must-have for any grown-up man. They blend easily with any trousers and shoes making them perfect for an office look and a casual outdoor style. These shirts also Ensure you go for high-quality ones that are well-fitting for occasions like job interviews.

  • Smart Shoes

Smart shoes are a perfect addition to your wardrobe, given how versatile they are. If you work in a formal environment, these pairs of shoes will serve you better. You can also use them on other informal occasions like going on a date. The shoes mix well with jeans and will afford you a great sense of style.

  • A Quality Watch

A quality watch is every man’s necessity. It’s one of those accessories that accentuates your style and makes you stand out from the rest. No matter how you dress, having a good watch will attract positive attention and send a message.

There are various men’s watches to choose from based on your style. For example, Casio Watches can be a perfect pick given their timelessness. They also have a reputation for excellent quality at an affordable price.

6. Get a Good Haircut

An expertly fitted clothing only works if you have a corresponding good haircut. So, the same way you befriend your tailor for good outfits, let your barber take care of your haircut. They’ll keep you looking good and well-groomed. It would be best to practice this early enough in your twenties to make it a long-lasting trend, even in your later ages.

Bottom Line

Dressing in your twenties is a matter of experimenting and finding your unique style. It’s also a matter of knowing which style fits a specific occasion. The more you try, the more creative and bold you get with your style.