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Love Showers? Enhance Your Experience With These Tips

Is there really a better feeling than a high-pressure shower that massages your skin and muscles while you relax? Some people love a hot bath, but others love the power of a shower that has been upgraded and creates a relaxing space. Being able to feel the tension leaving your muscles after a long week at work is nice, but if your experience isn’t the best one right now you might consider enhancing the experience as soon as you can. 

From having a plumber install Grundfos Alpha pumps to add pressure to the shower to speaking to an electrician about lighting and rewiring the shower altogether, there are things that you can do to have a much more enhanced experience. If you love a shower, choosing to upgrade the experience is the best thing you can do, and here are the ways that you can do it!

  1. Change up the shower head. Adjusting the shower head – along with installing better pumps – can help you to perfect the water pressure. There are so many things that can affect the pressure of the water in your shower, and you can maintain the flow and pressure with the help of a plumber. Sometimes, the power can change with a shower head upgrade, but if that’s not the case then getting the pros out to take a look is the best next step.
  2. Add some steam. A steamy shower can help to give that spa feel, loosening up your muscles and soothing the exhaustion. If you want to improve your experience, making sure that the shower head you use releases steam is a good way to do it. It’ll help to detox your skin and open your pores, offering a thorough clean.
  3. Add a humidifier. If you want a warm and moist environment for your skin, then a humidifier can enhance the experience. Steam can cause dryness or irritation if you’re exposed for too long, but a humidifier with adjustable spa settings can set you up for good.
  4. Add oils. Adding some eucalyptus oils in your shower head can really add some pizzazz to your shower. You’ll be able to get the actual plant from your florist and you’ll smell it and feel it in your skin. Clearing your head and skin is the goal and your bathroom will smell amazing overall. This is going to really add to the experience of being in your very own personal spa.
  5. Add candles. Adding candles to the bathroom – particularly aromatherapy candles – helps to upgrade that shower experience. Whether you need better motivation for your routine or you are inhaling deeply to relax, you can bet that smelly candles are the best option. Light cedar or peppermint during the shower and you’ll mentally relax while you allow the water to wash over you.

Enhancing your shower experience is going to be the best thing to do so that you can relax and unwind. Small changes make big differences, and now you know how to do it!

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