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New Year, New You: Sticking To Career Resolutions



As the end of the year approached, lots of people declared “this is the year I make a career change!” Yet, as 2018 started, these people were no closer to keeping their resolutions. If you are one of these people, the thought of making a change, no matter how small, can seem daunting. However, a person who doesn’t take the plunge will never realize their calling. And, when you look back in retirement, it will be the biggest regret of your life. So, to help, below are tips which will ensure that you stick to your word.


Good luck.


Be Goal Specific


Saying that you want to make a change is not enough information to facilitate a transformation. In simple terms, it’s a basic statement which applies to a large percentage of the world’s population. The problem with broad targets is that they seem unachievable, and people give up on them as a result. By getting down to the minute detail of the resolution, you can avoid the pitfalls and focus on the positives. Asking questions such as “how will my life be different?” means you can see the obstacles and find solutions in advance.


Download An App


Today’s society is one of technology, which means applications are commonplace. In fact, they are that common that there is an app for almost anything. Take your career as an example. Say you fancy finding a new role; there are lots of online sites which have an application. Or, if you want to secure a promotion, you can use Strides or Pause. The former is a program which helps people break bad habits, and that is perfect for setting an excellent example. The latter is a rest and relaxation app which helps to relieve stress and realign focus.


Invest In Yourself


Don’t make the mistake of assuming your career is work-based only. Because you are in charge, it revolves around the person and not just the employer or the office. Therefore, it’s vital to invest in personal skills which can help you achieve the relevant goals. Are you looking to break into a new industry? If so, online masters in supply chain management could be the perfect addition to your resume. Or, experience in the field, paid or unpaid, might assist you and stand out from the crowd. Even meditation and lessons in self-esteem will go a long way because the task can appear beyond your reach. By understanding anything is possible, you are more likely to win.


Develop Contacts


Regardless of the goal, it is not going to be easy without a dedicated network. In business, the people who know how to work the system are the ones who succeed. Whether you see it as right or wrong isn’t the point – the point is that it is the game. So, attending industry events and mixing with people who can provide a favor in the short or long-term is a savvy move. Of course, you have to help others too if you want them to return the favor.


Hopefully, this New Year will be everything you wished and more.