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Nurses Are Linking The Healthcare And Insurance Industries

Not everyone in this life is able to access great healthcare. This doesn’t always reference third-world countries that are short on services and trained people. It can also be for countries that are modern and beacons of civilization. If you’re poor, even living in a developed nation doesn’t mean you can get the best care for yourself when you’re injured or sick. One thing that is happening now is, insurance companies are working with the healthcare industry to provide better services and compensation to consumers. If you’re involved in a car crash, and you’re driving a sophisticated vehicle, you’re one of the inadvertent reasons why this is happening. Giant car manufacturing companies don’t want their product to be the center of attention when it comes to customers or drivers of their cars being severely hurt. So insurance companies are working with them to go above and beyond the norms that have been accepted for decades. Now personal care is offered as one of the premium solutions to avoid lawsuits and very bad press.

Nurses Are Linking The Healthcare And Insurance Industries

What happens after an injury

Take the scenario of a family man hit by a bad driver while waiting patiently in traffic. The most common forms of injury are neck pain due to whiplash, lumbar spine pain due to pelvic shock, broken and or sprained thumbs that get trapped in the steering wheel, badly bruised nose bones, and cartilage due to airbag impacts. If the victim of the crash is insured, his company will be contacted with the full status of the medical report given to them by the hospital. A company medical officer will then review the case and see what can be done to alleviate the victim from the pain. Usually, they will only become physically involved in the case once the patient has left the hospital and needs to rest at home.

Nurses Are Linking The Healthcare And Insurance Industries

Who is sent?

The word of the doctors and surgeons will be trusted, but the victim is allowed to request such medical professionals from another independent source such as another hospital. However, once home, the patient will need daily care from a professional nurse that can deal with specific problems. Many registered nurses are implored to take a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to get approved to work for insurance companies. Anyone interested can do an RN to BSN Online Program that can last as little as one year. Those who apply can take their course on their time schedule, and transfer up to 90 credits for the academic evaluation. A BSN nurse can, therefore, take the responsibility of writing a case study on the patient. This is referred to as evidence-based nursing. Emphasis is placed on locating, evaluating, and synthesizing evidence to inform nursing practice. Insurance companies need this information to evaluate how serious the injuries are with respect to the healing process and long-term pain for the individual.

When you’ve been hurt by a bad driver, and you have no choice but to take time off work, the worry of who will care for you sets in. But insurance companies who offer premium packages can send nurses to the homes of the victims and play a part in not just healing them but making a medical case that can be presented in court.

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