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Shabby Chic Garden Shed Ideas To Revamp Your Home

In case, you didn’t get the memo: The summer is here, and it’s time to embrace the outdoor life again. Now is the best season to look after your garden and bring it to life. With the long days and the warm weather, you certainly want to make the most of your outdoors. But once you’ve planned the next landscaping marvel in your estate, it seems like there isn’t much else to do. After all, all it takes to reinvigorate your garden is to separate the flowers and the trees with elegant paths and even add a pond at the back for the wildlife. Well, you’d be wrong to think that your garden work is over so easily. You can give some love to the garden shed that lives under the shadow at the bottom of the garden. In fact, you can revamp your garden shed into something elegant, fun, or simply practical that will help you to spend a lot more time in your garden.  

What Kind Your Shed Is It?

First of all, the essential planning phase begins when you’ve identified the different types of garden sheds and which one is yours. Indeed, some garden sheds are tall and narrow – for simple gardening tools and a garden parasol – while others are little cabins that are filled with DIY tools, outdoor equipment and several generations of lawnmowers. So which one is yours? Knowing the dimensions of your shed – including its height – will define the kind of improvements that you can make.

Improve To Entertain

If you have children, you can transform your garden shed into a Wendy playhouse, assuming that the shed is big enough to welcome children inside. Start by ensuring that the structure is still safe, as sheds can suffer from the wet and cold weather conditions if they have not been looked after. You will need to clean the shed and remove any risk of fungal growth from the wood, using a special varnish. Then, paint the outside walls and the roof using weatherproof paints. Let your creative guide you. One hint though: Make it a bright-colored garden house!

Shabby Chic Garden Shed Ideas To Revamp Your Home


Sh(r)ed The Extra Pounds

You can transform a large garden cabin into a gym studio. Do make sure to add an electric system to the shed before you start – don’t do it yourself, but instead get a professional electrician to extend a wire from your home – as some gym equipment requires electricity to work. This is a long term investment in your health, so you may need several months or even years to get all the gym gear you dream of. But you can certainly start with a few weights and a simple treadmill before growing your collection over time.

Close To Nature

If you love nature, you can turn your garden shed into your passion. For instance, with simple modifications, you can transform your shed into a greenhouse, using fiberglass panels to replace the wooden walls and the roof. This will allow the natural sunlight to come in and nourish the plants. As fiberglass panels are lightweight, you will find that they are easy to install and don’t damage the shed structure. Fresh homegrown tomatoes, anyone?  

Shabby Chic Garden Shed Ideas To Revamp Your Home