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Summer House Cleaning Tips

The weather is nice and warm and the sun is brightly shining on you but summer often brings with it a certain kind of mess. Right from the grass stains to a lot of ice cream stains on the carpet, the months of summer can be challenging unless you know the tricks of the trade. Here are some tips to keep your house clean during the hot months.

1. Bathroom: The first place, to begin with, is the bathroom. You need to remind everyone to keep the window open or the fan on after the shower in order to prevent humidity. Remove all the empty bottles from the shower rack and from under the sink. You also need to wipe down the surfaces which gather moisture right after you use them so as to prevent mildew and hard water stains.

2. Deck furniture: It is a simple process of cleaning the patio. You need a little elbow grease and you are all set. Spray the patio furniture with water and scrub using a solution of water. You can use a brush to work the cleaner into any dirt and if you notice rust on the furniture, you need to sand it down and rinse it off. 

Summer House Cleaning Tips

3. Laundry room: The best way to look after a laundry room is through organization. You need to clean the room of any empty boxes and bottles which may have accumulated. You need to pack away all the cold weather clothing and make the space clean and tidy. Now sort clothes by those which you need to pre-treat and the ones you do not. Keep the whites and colors separate for ease and convenience. 

4. Kitchen: Your kitchen will give you a reminder that summer is upon you. Hot temperatures mean it is time to give the garbage a scrub down. You need to clean everything in the kitchen including appliances. There are many heavy appliances like the stove or the microwave which will need a lot of attention. If you find it difficult to clean them, the easiest way is to hire professionals for the same. Start by finding the best workers who can clean your house and ensure that it looks well-maintained during summer.

5. Pantry: The first thing you need to do is throw away food that has expired or is no longer in use. Now organize all those items which are in use for easy access. You need to keep everything from rummaging in the back of the pantry and knocking everything over in the process. Organizing your pantry will save a lot of time and effort. Pantries are known for collecting a lot of grime and dust and you need to spend the majority of your cleaning time here. 

6. Don’t Forget Your Windows: This task counts as the sixth and last tip. Cleaning windows looks easy on the surface until you have to remove those streaks and stains and make the glass sparkle. The rule of thumb is to work on the inside of the windows first. Outside windows are more challenging to clean because they tend to be dirtier and harder to reach. Consider getting help from professional window cleaners who have the right window-cleaning tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently.

You can start the cleaning process from your pantry and then move towards the kitchen followed by the other areas of your home. Schedule a day for cleaning the house so as to ensure that the home looks neat and tidy in summer.