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The 4 Most Popular Cars Everyone’s Buying Right Now

Trends in the auto industry rise up out of nowhere and can be in place for many years. This is especially true when looking at car types. Certain car body types will be popular at different times for various reasons. Previously, superminis were exceptionally popular. People loved really small cars like the Mini Cooper or Ford Ka, mainly because they were cheap to run and could zip around cities. 

Now, the supermini is slowly dying. If you look up superminis now, you see some pretty big vehicles in the category. Cars are getting bigger and more practical, which means a new wave of trendy car types is taking over. 

If you’re about to buy a car, here are the four most popular types you’ll see in all dealerships: 


Crossovers are incredibly popular because they blend the safety of an SUV with the usability of a hatchback. Virtually all manufacturers have at least one crossover model in their range – like the Toyota C-HR or Ford Puma. Thanks to their blend of size, safety and practicality, these vehicles are a huge hit with families. Expect to see even more as the years go by and hot hatches are merged into crossovers. 


Sometimes called estate cars or station wagons, this breed of vehicles is known for one thing: loads of loading space in the back. A wagon car dealer isn’t hard to find and they’ll spend most of the sales pitch showing you how much you can fit in the trunk. Plus, they’ve become status symbols as loads of influencers and celebs show them off on social media – usually the Mercedes G Wagon! 


Sedans are probably the only car type that’s stayed consistently popular throughout the years. Okay, there’s maybe one more – but it’s coming after this! A sedan is similar to a station wagon as it has a long body and five seats. However, the key difference is the trunk. Sedans have smaller load spaces because the boot only flips open, meaning they’re good for keeping groceries in, but not ideal if you need to load lots into a small space. Some of the nicest cars in the world are sedans, like the Audi A6 and BMW M5. This car type is synonymous with luxury, so expect to see them driven by business executives quite a lot. 


Finally, we can’t include a list of car types without mentioning hatchbacks. They get their name thanks to the way the trunk opens. It swings upwards, providing loads of load space and easy access for all of your things. Nowadays, hatchbacks have taken over the space that superminis had in the market. They’re relatively small cars but with enough size to make them feel safer than superminis. Of all the vehicles, hatchbacks might be the most versatile. They make excellent family cars, are exceptional in narrow cities and more than capable of tackling long drives. 

Why is it good to know the most popular car types right now? Because these types of vehicles will be on sale more than others. Therefore, you’ll have ample chances to find great deals across the used car market. If you opt for a car body type that’s not as popular, it’s harder to find sales and will mean you end up paying too much! 

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