The Ultimate Herbal Guide: All-Natural Medicines You Should Consider Trying Out

The Ultimate Herbal Guide: All-Natural Medicines You Should Consider Trying Out

Around 36% of American adults use alternative medicines such as herbal remedies. This herbal guide will teach you all about the herbal remedies you’ve been missing out on.

The number of people who take herbal medicine comprises over one-third of the USA’s adult population. Thanks to the internet and clever marketing campaigns, herbal medicine use is becoming more popular each day.

Herbs have the power to bring wellness and healing in your life. You could be a simple herbal treatment away from getting the relief you dream about.

Here’s a quick herbal medicine guide to educate you on the subject:

CBD Flower

CBD flower comes from hemp plants. These hemp plants are grown to produce buds with high CBD content. 

Smoking or vaporizing CBD flower promotes relaxation and stress relief. This makes CBD flower a good option for those who experience anxiety. Research suggests that CBD can also benefit people with ADHD and PTSD symptoms.

People use CBD flower to assist them with smoking cessation. Hemp cigarettes are especially useful to those who are trying to quit cigarettes.


Kratom is one of the most versatile herbs in the herbal therapy world. People use Kratom for everything from replacing their morning coffee to quitting opioids.

People either take Kratom capsules or make tea from Kratom powder. The effects you feel from Kratom depend on which strain you take.

For instance, red Kratom is ideal for people who are dealing with an opiate addiction. White Kratom has stimulant properties that boost mood, energy levels, and concentration.

Green Kratom is popular with people who are seeking pain relief. It helps you feel less pain without feeling drowsy.

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Lavender is a sweet-smelling flower that’s got antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Research from 2012 indicates that lavender can speed up wound recovery.

Lavender medical remedies include putting one to 3 drops of lavender oil on a burn to help it heal faster. Use a lavender compress to relieve tight/sore muscles or sprains.

Many people use lavender capsules or tea to help themselves sleep better. Smelling lavender oil and drinking lavender tea are both good for soothing anxiety and stress.

Here’s a fun fact that other herbal guides won’t mention: It’s great to mix lavender flowers with CBD flower in a joint. It makes the smoke taste sweeter and will help you calm down more than you would with CBD alone.


Here’s another relaxing herb that’s great to smoke with CBD flower. Rose has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin redness, irritation, and acne.

Rose petal tea is a well-known herbal remedy for menstrual pain. You can also use rose tea for soothing sore throats and relieving stress.

Use This Herbal Guide To Your Advantage

Warning: Certain herbs have risky drug interactions. If you’re serious about experimenting with herbal healing, make sure you thoroughly research any herb you plan on taking.

The best thing you can do (besides reading more than one herbal guide) is consulting your doctor about your plans. Only your doctor will know for sure if an herb is safe for you to take.

Upgrade your mind, body, and soul—check out our articles about CBD flower. It’ll convince you to embrace the power of hemp!

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