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Top 10 ways to overcome whatever challenge life throws at you

Difficult times are a part of life. In your journey towards success and fulfillment, you’ll likely face certain challenges that seem impossible. But it’s by overcoming these challenges that you attain greater heights.

That being said, everyone has their own way of facing challenges. However, there are hacks, tips, and tricks that can always see you through when the going gets tough.

Let’s discuss some of these and see what works for you. 

1.     Have a plan

Be mindful that challenges will come. This mindset keeps you prepared, and you become better poised to handle whatever life throws at you.

If you work in a dangerous place and know what challenges to expect, you can plan ahead. For example, knowing that losses and theft can occur in a business can help you put measures in place to minimize the possibility and potential effect.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be destabilized in the face of a mishap. Things happen that are never expected. When they do, get up as quickly as you can to look forward rather than remain in your place of grief. 

2.     Take insight from someone who has been there

As strange as your situation seems, chances are someone has been there, similar, or even worse. These may include friends, celebrities, or historical books.

While your current situation may have destroyed some people, others have navigated and triumphed. It would help if you learned both the positive and negative stories to create your own actionable plan.

You can learn from the victim’s mistakes and key into the other person’s steps.

Let their experience be a source of motivation; if someone has walked out of that situation victorious, you could, too. Follow their footsteps, take the positives and avoid the negatives, and you’ll have some confidence that you have a working game plan. 

3.     Don’t deny your feelings

Denial is one thing you should never do while facing challenges. Do you feel scared? Own up to it. Just don’t let the fear overcome you. Do not allow that sadness and pain to overcome you; acknowledge your hurt and loss. Take some time to feel it before trying to look forward. You could try meditation or even writing out your feelings. Writing can be quite therapeutic to a wounded soul. 

4.     Accept help

Everyone came into this world alone and will leave alone. But no one could survive alone throughout that time.

We all depend on each other for survival; even the strongest nations in the world are interdependent. When help comes your way, avoid letting your ego get in the way. It’s alright to feel so weak and helpless, and it’s alright for someone to lift you, whether through words of encouragement or otherwise.

Having someone supporting you during a challenging time is great as they may offer a perspective that you’ve not considered. 

5.     Know you’re not alone

This feeds off of the preceding point. When going through your darkest times, you may feel like hiding it from others because no one can feel it like you do. But know that you’re not alone. It’s alright to share your budget with a trusted friend or family member.

Additionally, avoid making a life decisions all by yourself. Is it about marriage, career, or college? Speak about your concerns to trusted and insightful people who can offer sensible opinions and suggestions. They may see different angles to that dilemma that you currently face.

Do not feel like you’re only bothering them. Again, we need others to survive. 

6.     Imbibe a positive mindset

What you think eventually becomes your reality. When you dwell on your sadness, you’ll get even sadder and more depressed. And when you dwell on happy thoughts, your day is filled with cheer.

Creating a positive mindset comes with mental awareness. It comes by conditioning your mind with faith, believing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Feed yourself with resources that fill you toward the perfecting of the saints, words that fire up your faith and confidence. These resources will guide you on how to live and act even in the face of adversity.

Indeed, a positive mindset boosts your energy and resilience to combat obstacles. 

7.     Work on a realistic solution

You most often have to grab the bull by the horns when faced with a challenge. No matter how insurmountable that challenge seems, know that it won’t kill you.

First of all, you need to acknowledge that you can overcome the problem. Only then can you have the mind to look for THE solution.

Think of all possible ways you can go. There are often multiple routes to a destination. For example, if you need more money, you can get a loan, get a higher-paying job, work two jobs, steal, or ask for help, among many more options. Weigh your options and walk the path that appears more realistic, prospective, and comforting. This gives you a sense of direction to keep you focused.

It’s sometimes an excellent idea to seek counsel when making such decisions. 

8.     Emotionally detach yourself from the challenge

Are things not going the way you hoped? Do not blame yourself for your situation. This self-criticism will only deter you unreasonably.

Instead, analyze the situation to find out what might have gone wrong or what you could do better. Consider different perspectives and go again with a positive mindset. 

9.     Help others

When we feel like we’re in our lowest low, every cell in our bodies tells us we’re powerless. This mindset prevents you from helping others or even yourself.

But the reverse is true. By helping and giving to others, you feel happier yourself. This improved mood can help you cope with and navigate your difficult situation. Additionally, what goes around comes around: you also receive kindness when you distribute. 

10. Work smart, not hard

There are often many ways to every goal. However, only a few out of the lot will be optimal.

To work smarter, analyze your goal/challenge by going backward. What is the goal? What tools would you need to achieve that? What steps must you take to acquire those tools?

Additionally, find out how others have overcome that challenge. This will save you a whole lot of time creating your own solution from scratch. 


Never give up. No matter how bleak the tunnel gets, know that it gets darkest before dawn. Stay focused on your plan; if things don’t work, try a different approach, but never give up, and you’ll hit success at last.

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