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Creative Ways to Amplify Beauty B2B Deals

Business to business (B2B) sales is different now compared to what they were before. Back then, if people wanted to buy products, they could simply contact their wholesaler or supplier like Asian Beauty Wholesale, who can then pitch then products to choose from. Nowadays, nearly every customer can now use the internet to gather information before working with a wholesaler, making it much more time-consuming. Here are ways to ensure your B2B deals stay intact:

1. Create a content space/library

Nowadays, people rely on data and information to play an active role in influencing their buying decisions. Unlike before where marketers and salespeople were the ones reaching out to potential clients, most people now make the initiative to research data themselves since they believe marketers and salespeople tend to exaggerate their claims.

While this may seem a drawback at first it can actually be a great opportunity for you to optimize your site. In order to do this, one should create a content space or library in their website. A content library is a portion of a website that includes handy information that informs and assists buyers throughout the purchasing process. Such content can range anywhere from marketing tips, product information, and suggestions that help enhance a potential client’s business. However, to ensure that your clients stay loyal, make sure to support your data with case studies and relevant articles.

2. Utilize mobile platforms

During the fourth period of 2018, statistics show that over 47.2 percent of global web traffic is derived from mobile users. With the numbers slowly increasing in time, it’s safe that say that wholesalers and retailers should consider creating mobile-friendly websites for their customers and clients. This includes creating an e-commerce platform that allows them to order directly from their phones to save time and energy.

Additionally, creating mobile platforms can also be quite beneficial for your business as well. For instance, it can help sales representatives:

  • Fish out content from the content library to improve their customer relationships
  • Take orders anytime, anywhere on their mobile device
  • Plan their selling strategy more effectively, and even
  • Present new data and videos to their team members during meetings

Each of which ensures that you keep track on your team even if they’re on-the-go.

3. Position your salespeople as experts

Back then potential buyers use to rely on marketing and sales representatives to provide them with information which can influence their buying decision. However, in today’s society, most people are now becoming more aware that certain marketing and sales experts tend to exaggerate their claims in an attempt to close the deal. Considering that it can be hard to retain a customer’s interest, market and sales experts must now find another way to reach their customers indirectly.

One way to do this is to create a platform that allows team members to contribute their data and knowledge. One of which is a blog that allows salespeople and marketing experts to contribute data that is helpful to the buyer’s problem points. Since most buyers are now relying on online sources for information, marketing and sales experts can then share their specialty to the world without pressuring clients into buying products.

4. Utilize product bundling, up-selling, and cross-selling techniques

Aside from providing helpful content that could otherwise influence a customer’s mind into purchasing your goods, companies should also utilize creating selling to ensure their sales remain the same. Some of these techniques include:

  • Product bundling includes gathering relevant products and services into a combined package that provides a unique solution. One example of which is to combine acne-fighting products including a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer which allows clients to save money but also secure your sales at the same time.
  • Up selling convinces customers to buy an upgraded version of a specific product. This results in securing a larger sale while ensuring that such item targets a customer’s specific problem properly.
  • Cross selling techniques involves providing suggestions to customers related to their product and service. Most of these techniques are usually combined with upselling in the hopes of prompting a customer to make a combined purchase.


In today’s modern world, most customers now rely on research and data to help influence their decisions. In order for B2B deals to thrive, companies must make an active effort in making sure they are able to meet their customers’ unique needs creatively by creating helpful, relevant, and informative content.