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Attorney at Law

Useful Advice for Selecting the Right Lawyer

From making a claim to starting a business, there are various instances in life when we might need a good lawyer. In those cases, it’s common to perform an online search, look through the first couple of results, and make a decision based on that information. But that may not always be the best course of action. If you want to choose the most suitable lawyer for your needs and requirements, here are some important factors you should consider:


While education is extensive in this field, most lawyers tend to specialize only in a couple of select areas. This is known as a field of expertise, and will range from one legal professional to another. Selecting representation based on this factor will generally provide you with greater knowledge, deeper insights, and better guidance throughout the case. If you’re located in a larger country, it would be wise to consider the lawyer’s location, along with their expertise. In the US, for instance, lawyers likely won’t be able to practice in all states, meaning that choosing a professional who isn’t located in your area would be quite futile.


The lawyer’s experience is another important factor to consider. This doesn’t only pertain to the amount of time they’ve been active, but also the number of cases similar to yours that the professional has successfully handled. For instance, you might require help with mediation. Therefore, researching lawyers that have had years of experience in the field, such as Tricia Bigelow, will guarantee you select the right person to help you achieve the best outcome.

Making general statements without falling into stereotypes is difficult in terms of experience. However, more seasoned professionals are still considered a superior choice for getting detailed information and better guidance, even though they are usually more expensive. On the other hand, younger lawyers can be a great source of theoretical information and open approaches regarding new technologies and trends. Choose according to your needs.

Law firm

Useful Advice for Selecting the Right Lawyer


Some people choose a lawyer, others select a law firm. While this still means you will be working with individual lawyers, taking a reputable legal firm can be quite beneficial for those whose needs include several practice areas, different countries and continents, etc. That is why many Australian business owners, for instance, often hire Stephen Wawn & Associates for their legal requirements. This experienced legal team can provide dedicated, high-quality legal advice and representation, ranging from conveyancing and estates to employment and corporate law. Such a broad skillset and personalized approach are important considerations you should keep in mind when choosing legal representation as well.


Whether you’re choosing a lawyer or a legal firm, pricing is another vital aspect you should consider. This includes the prices themselves as well as the invoicing system. The methodology here could be quite unique to each professional, but fixed-price and hourly-rate approaches tend to be the most common. Selecting between these two options will depend entirely on the individual and their needs. For example, those on a tighter budget could benefit from a fixed price they know in advance, while individuals with more complex legal needs might enjoy the more time and freedom their lawyer gets with hourly rates.


Recommendations can also be valuable criteria, especially when choosing between two legal professionals. This could aid in demonstrating the level of trust and reliability you might need from a good lawyer. But keep in mind that not all recommendations are the same. Consider the reasons why an individual is recommending a legal professional to you. Is it solely due to low prices or do they have great knowledge and experience as well? Analyze all of these factors of a recommendation, and then make a decision according to your own criteria and main priorities.

A number of different factors can be taken into consideration when selecting a lawyer. The ones mentioned above are some of the most common factors that will enable you to choose a suitable, experienced, and trustworthy legal professional.

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