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Video Slot Games vs Classic Slot Machines: Differences

Although essentially a digital version of the same thing, video slot games are very different to their classic cousins. What’s more, if you were to ask any gambler whether they preferred online slots at https://www.wizardslots.com/ or traditional slot machines, you’d get a wide range of answers. As with anything, there are traditionalists and modernists – but what are the main differences between playing in house and online?

Making the digital transition

Playing slots online isn’t exactly a new thing. As the internet boom occurred in the 1990s, the emergence of the first video slot games came along.

Fans of slot games could now enjoy better graphics, more lucrative prizes and increased innovation, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Whereas slot machines were on a musty path to obscurity pre-internet, thanks to this transition, online video slot games are glitzy, sophisticated, and constantly getting better. The numbers don’t lie either. Great Britain achieved a total gross gambling yield (GGY) of £14.3 billion in 2019.

What does this sophistication mean?

As online slot games get more sophisticated in design, there’s a thought that they become harder to beat. Online slot game designers invest a lot of money into developing their games, and they’d be reluctant to do it all for a loss in revenue. After all, they’re designed to make money for the developers.

However, the counter argument is that online slot games must use a random number generator (also referred to as RNG) which determines the probability of winning. Gambling websites won’t receive a UKGC licence if the users don’t have a fair chance of winning.  

Counterbalancing how sophisticated online video slots are getting is how basic traditional slot machines were. They had fewer symbols with fewer possible combinations to them, technically improving your odds of winning.

Interestingly, it was much easier to cheat on them. People tried their luck by using fake coins, shaved coins, coins tied to pieces of elastic, and even strong magnets to affect the way the reels the spun.

Obviously, these methods are completely obsolete with online video slots.

Online video slots favour accessibility

If you want to play some slots, but it’s a cold and wet Monday evening in December, historically, you may have opted to stay in and see what’s on TV instead.

Nowadays, playing online is easy. It’s the convenience and the choice that make people want to sign up and play from their own homes.

After all, the choice that online gamers have is staggering. There are literally hundreds of different websites, apps and games for you to pick. Although places like The Bellagio or Caesar’s Palace still offer a wide choice, average casinos still found in regular towns around Britain simply can’t compete with the choice online.

The pay-outs online are bigger!

The RTP (return to player) percentage is much higher on modern video slots when compared to traditional slot machines. This means that you’re more likely to see a pay-out. The RTP on traditional slot machines in Las Vegas are about 75%. Most modern video slot games contain RTPs of 95% or above, so they’re far more generous.