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When Should An Expecting Mom Consider Visiting An Abortion Clinic?

When Should An Expecting Mom Consider Visiting An Abortion Clinic?

“A baby is on the way!”

To most couples and expectant mothers, hearing this can instantly brighten their day – their life even! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be blessed with a baby? They’re cute, cuddly, a bit of a pain really but they’re precious bundles of joy nonetheless. For couples who are desperately trying to conceive, this kind of news can easily make their hearts skip a beat.

But so does hearing the doctor break in the bad or possibly the worst news ever:

You can’t have the baby. I’m sorry.”

Being told that you can’t keep your own baby can be a lot to take in – and we completely understand why. It’s your child; your flesh and blood. No one in this world should have the right to take him away from you. But you see, life happens – and oftentimes, not in ways that we expect. The usual timeline we expect to follow in life is to get proper education, grow a career, marry someone we love, and have a family with them. And conventionally speaking, a family often consists of three or more members: the father, the mother, and the baby. So when you finally get what you’ve been praying for, it’s hard to swallow the fact that you won’t even get to meet them.

Abortion is never easy – not for the mother or the father. It can also put the people involved under a lot of stress; especially the carrier (read more). Fast forward to the future, it’s never nice to look back regretting what could’ve been possible and what life would’ve been like if your unborn child got the chance to take a look at this world and understand it for himself. It’s sad to think that everything you’ve been graced with, the life you have, can never be experienced by that lost child.

But I tell you, keep your chin high. Sometimes, life hits hard and you are left with limited choices. When it comes to childbirth, the usual choice often comes down between YOU or your CHILD.

Here are some instances in which expecting moms really need to consider abortion:

When Should An Expecting Mom Consider Visiting An Abortion Clinic?

Health Implications

If your body is too frail and too sickly to carry a child, then you’ll only be endangering yourself and your baby if you push through with the pregnancy. Doctors and professionals, like the people from PRC Charlotte, often suggest abortion to moms who are physically incapable of bearing a child or when the pregnancy will pose danger to the child. HIV-positive mothers, for example, are advised to refrain from engaging in sexual activities and intercourse. When HIV-positive women get pregnant, the chances are very high that their child will be infected by the virus too. And you know how hard life is with HIV – documentaries, testimonies, and biographies will tell you that. Other health implications that would terribly complicate pregnancy are cancer, hypersensitivity (severe), diabetes (severe), and other reproductive-related illnesses.

Ectopic Pregnancy

This doesn’t happen to all but it is still relatively common. Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg fails to implant itself in the mother’s womb or the uterus. Instead, it implanted itself to the wall of one of the fallopian tubes and started to grow there. As you may already know, no baby can survive in the fallopian tube. The space is too small for life to prosper and when left alone, the mother will suffer serious consequences as well. There are only two possible ends for an ectopic pregnancy. It’s either the fertilized egg is removed (therefore, aborting the baby) or allowing the pregnancy to run its course up until one of the tubes burst open. Without doubt, the latter will put the mother’s health in grave danger. Ectopic babies are aborted by default because their survival really isn’t an option. We can only hope and pray that future technology can address this problem and find a way for these babies to survive in the future.  

If you’re an expecting mother, take good care of yourself. Your baby’s life depends on it. You should also make it a point to visit the doctor regularly for a pre-natal check-up. Heed my words, it goes a long way.