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When You’re in a Desperate Legal Situation, Turn to Mass Tsang for Help

Mass Tsang, LLP offers sexual assault lawyers and other skilled barristers who can help you fight a potentially devastating criminal charge. With over 30 years of criminal law experience and a flexible fee system, we can assist with sexual assault charges, accusations of drug possession, and much more. These criminal charges could potentially derail your life, and a good defense team can help you get back on the right track.

Dealing with Drug Charges

If you get caught with drugs on your person, good drug possession lawyers may make the difference between a minor sentence or life in prison. The biggest danger when facing a drug possession charge is the risk that you might get accused of drug trafficking. This is usually a matter of the quantity in your possession at the time of the incident, but an overzealous officer or prosecutor could decide to turn you into an example. This leads to potentially devastating consequences, as drug trafficking is one of only a handful of criminal charges that have a maximum sentence of life in prison. Even if you are completely innocent, a poor representation can lead you to jail time that you do not deserve.

Facing Assault Accusations

Assault charges represent another crime where proper representation is absolutely essential. Domestic and sexual assault carry differing sentences depending on the circumstances in which they occurred and the level of physical and emotional damage done. The penalty for these crimes can range from a simple fine to long periods of jail time. In cases of sexual assault, you may have to register as a sex offender if you are declared guilty. That label can follow you for the rest of your life, severely hampering future opportunities. Mass Tsang takes the toughest assault cases and will fight to make sure that you get fair representation. A good defense can help you avoid jail time and a stigma that can last the rest of your life.

Defending Against Theft or Fraud Charges

Theft and fraud are two examples of additional charges that can linger with you for a long time, making you ineligible to receive certain forms of credit and disqualifying you from some jobs. People convicted of one of these crimes could wind up paying a fine, finding themselves on probation, or even doing jail time. Additionally, a conviction in this area means a long-term criminal record that you have to disclose to certain parties. Mass Tsang has expertise in all forms of fraud and theft over $5,000 and is willing to take on even the most difficult cases. A consultation could keep you out of jail and limit the impact on your record.

Whether you are faced with simple traffic charges or more serious accusations such as sexual assault, drug possession, or theft, a good legal defense can help you keep your life on track. Mass Tsang provides easy financing and assistance on even the most difficult cases, giving you a chance to make sure that a mistake or misunderstanding doesn’t completely derail your life.