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Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Teabags?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a good cup of tea? Perhaps you are always undecided between bulk packaging of loose leaf tea and boxes of teabags. To prepare some pleasant tea, focus on the appearance and taste of tea.

The invention of teabags was due to a misunderstanding between tea dealers and customers. Thomas Sullivan, a New Yorker, sent samples of tea to the market in silk bags. He assumed that customers would remove the tea from the bag to brew it. However, many people inserted teabags directly into their teapots.

There are numerous reasons as to why drinking tea brewed from loose leaves is much better than brewed from tea bags. Here are some of the reason;

Aroma and taste

The loose-leaf brewery method allows tea leaves to absorb enough water as it infuses. Therefore, there will be a wide range of extraction of minerals, vitamins, aroma, and flavor from the natural leaves. Tea brewed from loose leaves has an aroma that surpasses teabags.

On the contrary, steeping tea in teabags has a limited infusion ability since the size of the bag is small. Production of teabags focuses on standardization, and as a result, you will unlikely experience the difference in aroma and type of tea leaves.

Health benefits

Tea brewed from loose leaves has an antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties that have a great benefit to your general health. The fresh leaves contain catechins that have potential health benefits. In bagged tea, catechins are not present since they degrade rapidly.

Unlike loose leaf brewed tea, tea bags have gluten. Gluten is used when sealing tea bags, and it is harmful to your health, especially if you have celiac diseases destroying the digestive system.
Most tea bags are made from harmful substances. Paper tea bags, for instance, are made from epichlorohydrin, which causes skin related problems and even cancer.

What’s more, plastic teabags are likely not good when boiling water or when microwaved. For this reason, toxins leech into the tea.


Tea brewed from loose leaves has high quality as compared to bagged tea. Whole leaves allow the extraction of full flavor of the tea. Furthermore, the leaves retain the essential oils that have nutrients.

Most loose tea is obtained from the same type of leaves, and therefore the taste obtained is exclusive and from a single type of tea. Most tea bags are obtained from lower quality tea grades such as fannings and dust.

Steeping loose leaves multiple numbers of times changes the flavor profile of tea. When tea bags are steeped, it releases excess tannins as compares to loose tea. It results in a bitter brew. For a palatable taste loose leaf tea gives you a complex flavor that suits your taste.


Loose-leaf brewed tea is freshly packed and brought to the market in a short span. Thus still have freshness, unlike teabags which are produced in the industry and take much time on the shelves before they can be purchased and used to brew tea.


When it comes to cost teabags are expensive as compared to loose leaf brewed tea. The cost of tea bags per cup is the same as the cost of a bag. However, that is not the case since bagged tea comes in various assortments. Loose leave brewed tea is cheaper when you compare prices per cup.

Environmental consideration

Most teabags do not disintegrate into natural elements in an environment. Using loose-leaf brewed tea reduces the amount of packaging used and can be thrown into a compost heap without causing harm.

Variety and diversity

There is more to tea than just green tea and black tea. Loose-leaf brewed tea is more diverse as compared to teabags. There is various type of tea brewed from loose-leaf, including oolong and white tea.

The diverse nature of tea is contributed by the climatic factors, geography, productions, and tea cultivators. The wide variety and diversity of tea are only available in the form of loose leaves.

The verdict

There are many legit reasons for taking loose brewed tea, including health benefits. While tea bags might be convenient, loose leaves tea is advantageous and enticing.

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