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Why Should You Encourage Kids To Play Outdoors?

“Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” -O. Fred Donaldson. 


The childhood of “Gen Alpha” is quite different from the previous generations. Don’t you agree? It is because they are surrounded by technology and gadgets and tend to spend more time indoors. Apart from this, several other reasons, such as concerns about sun exposure, scheduled activities, and outdoor safety, are expanding the generation difference. 

Whatever the reason may be, one sure thing is that spending the majority of time indoors is hindering the kids’ development- both mentally and physically. So, you must urge your kids to play outdoors. 

But how? Well, you must enlighten the kids about the following perks of playing outdoors: 

  • Vitamin D

The first and foremost benefit of spending time outdoors is that your kids will get sunlight in abundance. Understand that the human body needs sunlight to make Vitamin D. It helps with bone development and the immune system and improves heart health. Sunlight also increases serotonin production, which helps boost mood and provide relaxation. 

Note: To avoid sun damage or skin cancer, make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your child. 

  • Role Of Regular Exercise

Did you know that kids need to be active at least an hour every day for good health? Yes, they certainly can stay active indoors. However, going out and playing with commercial playground equipment can help accelerate childs’ development process. It teaches them how to use their fine motor skills, create balance and learn a sense of speed and direction. It will further help develop teamwork and leadership skills. 

  • Promoting Executive Functions

As you might already know, outdoor games are different from indoor games in various aspects. Outdoor games create challenges for children that help them plan, troubleshoot, prioritize, negotiate, multitask, and much more. Stating the obvious, learning and practicing these skills at the early stages of life is going to benefit the kids in the long term and help them become a better version of themselves. 

  • Learning About Risk-Taking 

You want your kids to stay safe, healthy, and happy. Thus, you keep them away from every possible risk or threat. But, taking risks is also a part of growing up. It helps improve their self-confidence and bravery. It also educates them about the things that are harmful or threatening. 

Going outdoors and playing with playground equipment, running, chasing, and other physical activities will help build coordination and critical thinking skills. 

  • Facilitate Socializing 

Socializing with fellow kids or classmates is important for emotional and mental well-being. Going out will help them learn how to make friends, communicate, share and cooperate with others. These are a few things that kids also learn when participating in school activities or sports teams. Learning how to socialize will help them boost self-awareness, sharpen memory and cognitive skills.

To Sum It All Up

Learning outdoors offers a change to the existing environment. It helps kids learn, grow, and communicate with fellow kids. In fact, you can also consider playing outdoors with your child. It will help improve your health and boost parent-child relationships. 

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