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Why You Need Digital Storage as an SMB

You have probably heard of the cloud and how it can help small businesses with data. And it’s true, you need digital storage as an SMB, or any sized company, to keep data safe in an increasingly dangerous world. But there are also other benefits to digital beyond data privacy.

Clients Deserve Protection

Clients expect and indeed deserve their data to be handled correctly and safely. But finding a digital storage solution can be a little tricky. You see, there are so many cloud and digital services to choose from. It helps to play it safe and go with reputable providers. Many virtual office providers, such as physicaladdress.com, also include digital and virtual storage in their packages. But you will also have heard of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS. 

Saves You a Ton of Money

You may not think so, but it can cost a lot of money when storing your own data. Servers, off-site storage backups, and the energy costs involved are only part of the solution. But when you choose to back up data to cloud services and digital facilities, all you pay is a relatively small monthly fee, like any other outsourced service. Additionally, other features, such as security, are handled by the service, so you don’t have to pay additional IT or network admins.

Digital Storage as an SMB Saves Space

As a small business, your office space may not be able to accommodate the vast and growing storage areas needed for backups. But with digital solutions, there is no space needed. You upload data, and it is stored on external servers somewhere else. This can also help if you are looking to move to a smaller office as part of sustainability and downscaling plans as you offer employees more remote work, which according to Onecom, 90% of SMBs these days do.

Easy Access to Data from Anywhere

Further to remote work, digital and cloud services allow you and your employees (and anyone else who is authorized) to access data from anywhere. This comes in handy when staff need to work from home. But it’s also very effective for collaborative jobs between multiple departments or offices over long geographic distances. Additionally, you have instant access to data for a quick response to an urgent or imminent event, such as an impending disaster at the office.

Prevents Against a Disaster

Disasters in the office come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the worst include data breaches from malicious hackers. This includes being locked out of your systems, data theft for sale on the dark web, and file deletion. When these happen, you will not be able to carry on with your business without backups. Yet digital and cloud backup storage means you can restore systems within hours of them being attacked, meaning your business can continue as normal.


 Digital storage as an SMB is just as crucial as for a large corporation. It allows you to protect client data, saves time, money, and office space, and allows quick recovery after a data disaster.

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