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Effective Ways To Make Instagram Build Traffic And Email List

If you integrate Instagram with your marketing campaigns, you will be able to gain better results. What is more, Instagram can even help you to build your email list with mores followers turned to your loyal customers and subscribers. However, nothing will be possible if you do not create and follow a strategic plan right from the very beginning.

Building your traffic is the first important step to create a larger email list. You will need to convert your Instagram followers into subscribers for your emails which is a crucial aspect for modern businesses to thrive. Your email list will include all your customers who are ideally your fans.

Instagram has been playing a very important role to drive more traffic to a site and build email subscribers for any business irrespective of its size and type. It all depends on the type of promotions and offers you make. 

Creating a good bio

In spite of its useful features, Instagram has its specific limitations. If you are familiar with it you will not have to worry about how you can overcome these limitations and challenges but if you are not then you will have to take the help of professionals like Blastup for that matter.

The most significant limitation of Instagram is that it does not allow you to add links in your photo descriptions. That means the users will only be able to see the picture but cannot visit your official site to gain more knowledge about the product. 

This is where you will need a well-crafted and meaningful bio. In order to make your bio effective try:

  • Not to overload it with junk like most of the businesses do
  • Breaking the usual pattern and write it just like you write a Tweet
  • Keeping it short, sweet and simple and 
  • Pack it with your intention.

It is only then you will not find it difficult to get more followers to click on the link in your profile bio.

The secret to crafting a useful bio is to add a very specific call-to-action along with a memorable URL. This will take your followers to the unique page as you desire on your website. 

Converting the visitors

Once you have the visitors in your site, you will now need to convert them into your prospective customers. For this you will need to ensure that the page they land on is full of meaningful and valuable content. 

It is only when you offer lots of value to your visitors who have clicked on the links of your profile bio, they will be encouraged to do business with you. Therefore, make sure that the URL you added in your bio brings the users to a page that is packed with actionable content. If you still need help, check out https://platypusreviews.com/instazood/.

Once you have everything in place, the conversion process starts working in the following way:

  • To start with, it entices your followers to click on the link in your profile bio
  • It leads them to the useful content on the landing page
  • It starts driving more followers to your bio by including a call-to-action in your image descriptions and 
  • The photo caption leads to the bio.

In short, the system leads them to your bio which in turn leads to your link and finally the link leads to a page offering huge value to the followers.

Creating compelling content

It needs no further explanation that you will need to create content that is meaningful and worthy to be shared by others. This is the basic Instagram strategy. The content should be:

  • Beautiful
  • Easily digestible
  • Resonate well with your audience 
  • Drive them to share it with others and 
  • Interact and align with your brand.

These crucial factors can explode your growth and drive more traffic to your site. 

A carefully created and meaningful content will provide a lot of value to your Instagram posts. It all boils down to a formula to create such content that requires two essential elements namely, beautiful imagery and an engaging text.

Beautiful imagery: 

In order to ensure beautiful imagery in your content, you should choose only those images that will tell a story of your brand or product and at the same time elicit emotion. It must be clear, compelling and interesting to drive engagement from your followers. However, the photos you choose will depend on different factors such as:

  • Your business nature
  • Your industry type and 
  • Posting images outside of your own products or services. 

If you post only about yourself and your product repeatedly on social media, it will make a boring and undesired impact. It is like that person in a party who talks only about himself. 

You must also beware of the copyright issues, especially if you are posting photos that are not your own. You must request permission to share others’ photos in your posts. Alternately, you can choose to source and use those non-attribution-required or royalty-free stock photos.

Engaging text:

Well, you do not need to add text to your Instagram posts but if you do then it will give those plain and simple images that added punch to create a better impression and impact that a simple picture will not provide. A text can be:

  • A compelling question
  • A powerful and motivational quote or
  • A simple phrase.

However, you should experiment on using powerful and motivational quotes because research says that it will create high emotion in the followers. It will make them want to share your content far more than those that do not elicit any emotion.

You do not need to be a designer to create a stunning and stimulating visual using text. You can use different apps and tools like WORDSWAG to do it easily and quickly. Just make sure that you include your branding as a part of all of your posts, such as adding your logo at the bottom of the picture.

Ending it up

All these small steps will help you to build brand awareness among your Instagram followers and encourage them to share and spread your content on other platforms to generate more followers and email subscribers by maximizing your reach.  If these are not helping fast enough, you can always buy Instagram followers at upleap.

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