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I’ve traded scrubs for relaxation as a retired nurse, soaking up the Southern charm in Georgia and living my ultimate life! With my furry friends by my side, I’m not just a tiny house dweller – I’m a tiny house enthusiast, blogging my heart out along the way!

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You Won’t Believe That These Things Actually Happen!

We’re sure that you’re aware of many problems going on in the world at the minute. That’s not to say that the world didn’t use to have its fair share of problems, it would just seem that now things are escalating slightly. We all love the country we will in, because we’re all oblivious to some of the crazy and horrible things that could be happening, right under our noses as well! Whilst we don’t want this article to put a negative spin on your life, we do want it to enlighten you as to the issues that are happening around you, so they don’t become issues that happen in your life. If you’re intrigued, have a read on, and protect yourself against any of the things that we list below.

You Won't Believe That These Things Actually Happen!

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Nursing Home Disasters

So, your parents get to the age where they’re no longer able to look after themselves as they used to do, and you notice that daily tasks that they used to do religiously, are getting forgotten about. It’ll come to a time where these things are happening, and you’ll realise they’ll be better off in a retirement village, or a nursing home. You put good faith that your parents lives are about to improve massively, and don’t even question what their experience will be like, as long as the staff seem lovely upon introductions. But, in nursing homes across the country, reports are made daily of abuse to the elderly, both verbal and physical. It’s horrible that something like this happens, but it seems to be becoming so common. If you ever found this to happen, you would need a top-notch legal defense. It’s just horrible to think that people are heading there to find a place where they can relax back into life, without having to worry about the troubles and struggles of life any more. You should notice physical signs of this happening, or your parent might tell you!

Pet Nightmares

Having a pet is just one of the best things that you can do. It’s a way of giving yourself a little companion to keep yourself company. But, there are people out there who are breaking into homes with the soul purpose of stealing your beloved pet! They’re not focused on the car keys, the nice flat screen TV, all they want is the pet. Especially dogs. They want them for breeding, fighting, or whatever else you could think of. We always recommend that you have an alarm set, and install cheap surveillance cameras to make sure you can quickly track whoever it might have been.

Scams Are Everywhere

For some reason, scams seem to be becoming more and more prominent at the minute. Scams are absolutely everywhere, and they’re now coming in the most sneaky forms. From having a text telling you you’ve got a balance overdue, to people actually cloning your card at cash points. Never respond to text messages or phone calls asking you for your bank details, and always be vary of who is around you at the cash point! Money is the biggest scam, so always be careful.