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3 Tips To Save Money This Fall

The fall can be the busiest season of the year as you sign your kids up for sports teams, take them back to school and prepare your home for the coming winter season. Follow these three tips to ensure that the back-to-school season goes smoothly while you save some of your hard-earned money.

3 Tips To Save Money This Fall

Pack Your Child’s Lunch

Are you ever worried that your child is using their lunch money to buy candy and chocolate? You can save a lot of money and ensure that your child is eating healthy if you take the time to pack their lunch. Cafeteria food is expensive these days and giving your child $5-$10 for lunch every day adds up over the week. You can buy nutritious food in bulk to use for their lunches over the week and you can also take the opportunity to ask your child what they like eating, in order to introduce them to healthy options that suit their tastes. Asking questions like these is an opportunity to bond with your child and create a meal that you feel good about and that they will enjoy.

Avoid Winter Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can be a nightmare, especially in the wintertime when all you want to do is feel warm and cozy. Winter plumbing issues like water heater failures and frozen drains can be avoided with some simple maintenance — and you can call a plumber for help with a quick seasonal checkup to avoid these issues, ensuring smooth sailing for your family in the winter. Maintenance that you can do on your own includes avoiding pouring grease or coffee grains down the drain, being careful about hygiene products being flushed down the toilet and checking taps for leaky spouts.

Check up on Your Car

It’s always good to check that your car is running safely and efficiently in preparation for harsh winter weather conditions like black ice, heavy snowfall and cold winds. It’s important to take a little time to adjust your vehicle to suit the colder weather so that you don’t get stuck in a jam. There are many easy steps like checking tire pressure, changing the windshield wipers, using seasonally appropriate tires and using washer fluid that is better suited to colder weather, which comes on faster than you think.

Additionally, you can do a thorough re-stocking of your car to remove lost toys and other artifacts of summer while also making sure your car has jumper cables, a spare tire, anti-freeze, and blankets for the colder months. A little checkup like this will allow you to avoid future costly problems and it also gives you a chance to reorganize the seating and layout of the vehicle, in order to suit your family’s needs for storage.

It’s important to stay grounded during the busy fall season so that you can lead your family into a productive and fun autumn. Following these three tips will help you and your family focus on what matters this fall and avoid unexpected expenses during the winter time.

3 Tips To Save Money This Fall