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Your Ring Shouldn’t Be The Only Twinkle In Your Wedding

If there was ever a time to wear the most fabulous jewelry in the world, it’s definitely your wedding day. Yet the mainstream view is that the ring should be the star of the show. It’s the twinkle in the room and draws breath from the adoring guests when you show it to them up close. It’s very prudent to cast aside this assertion and explore different ways you can incorporate some lovely jewelry into your wedding dress outfit. The key is to not take away too much attention from the ring so you have to be subtle. That is if you’re going for a simpler style because you wish to have your figure play a role in the elegance of the dress you’re wearing. Many royal family weddings around the world do incorporate lots of jewelry as per tradition and custom. Depending on what your tastes are, you may be able to achieve a similar princess look.

Your Ring Shouldn't Be The Only Twinkle In Your Wedding

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A restrained shimmer

A great way to be subtle, subdued and still look stunning, is to keep the ring the only diamond you wear. It means you keep that part of your jewelry special and allow it to hold significance in your whole ensemble. Instead of gemstones, a crystal bridal necklace would be great for adding a little extra shimmer on your upper body. In the light, crystal gives off a restrained shimmer, unlike diamonds that beam light back out. Instead of an elaborate design that could potentially draw too much attention away from your wedding ring and dress, keep the design simple. Raindrop crystals that gradually increase in size as they go further down the necklace is perhaps the best option as it’s tried and tested. The amount of raindrops is important as again, you don’t want to draw too much attention to your chest and neckline. You can have one small raindrop nearer the top, a medium size in the middle and one large at the pointed bottom of the necklace.

Your Ring Shouldn't Be The Only Twinkle In Your Wedding

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Iconic ring material?

Aside from the designs of stone in the ring, is there a best material you can use for your ring? Perhaps the most common choice for wedding rings is silver as it’s neutral and doesn’t take away from the stone. It’s also because silver bounces light off in much the same shade as it came absorbs, thus it helps the stone to shine brighter also. This trend has changed as classic gold has made a big comeback with celebrity engagements. Rather than platinum or white gold, yellow gold is the top choice for the rich and famous. Since the stones will be see-through and shine, is this is a good option to mix with a yellow hue? The oval cut is perhaps the most iconic cut of the stone and crown shape there is. It’s a large and bold statement not just about the ring but the love you share with your partner. According to trends among celebrities, it looks like oval is taking a back seat to the emerald cut instead. You can also adorn your ring with one of those Australian sapphires for sale to give it a unique look.

No matter what kind of gemstone you choose, the material that makes the band of the ring is going to either hinder or support the twinkle of your stone. A glamorous crystal necklace accompanies a diamond ring very well as it’s elegant but doesn’t compete with your ring.