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Things Feeling Off? 9 Signs It’s Mercury in Retrograde

Things Feeling Off? 9 Signs It's Mercury in Retrograde

If you feel a little “off,” you’re not alone. Many people don’t feel like themselves and experience strange things when Mercury is in retrograde.

Maybe you’ve heard the term, but you don’t know what it means or how it could affect your mood, balance, or more. You might even notice more problems with technology and communication to go along with your sense of imbalance.

It’s not you’re imagination. It could be something many people attribute to Mercury in retrograde. Here’s what that means and nine signs you’re experiencing the effects of this phenomenon.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Don’t let astrology scare you off from considering that the stars, moon, and the planets affect things that happen here on earth.

As you know, planets orbit the earth. Mercury passes by earth three or four times a year. Each time it comes around the bend, Mercury appears to slow down and come to a stop.

We know that the planet doesn’t truly stop, but the optical illusion created by Mercury’s path gives the impression that it pauses on its way around the earth.

Its fly-by takes about three weeks. During this time, people report feeling “off.” Zodiac signs can determine how Mercery affects you. Can you relate to any of these signs of retrograde?

1. Words Lose Meaning

You’ll still understand words, but since Mercury rules communication, you might struggle with communication. If you find yourself having difficulty communicating with or understanding your coworkers, friends, spouse, or other relationships, it could be a sign of Mercury in retrograde.

2. Travel is a Challenge

Mercury also rules travel. Flight delays, canceled plans, ruined vacations, or getting stuck in traffic can seem to intensify when we’re in retrograde. If you can plan for it, avoid traveling when we know Mercury passes by.

3. Everything is on the Fritz

Is your cellphone shutting down for no reason? Maybe your laptop seems buggy or your video conference calls won’t cooperate lately.

Mercury affects technology. When in retrograde, you might experience uncooperative technology until Mercury passes.

4. You Feel Anxious

If you feel interrupted or distracted, you could be an Aries suffering from the retrograde. If you’re an Aries, you tend to move deliberately and quickly toward your destination.

Whether it’s a physical interruption or the inability to stay focused, the Mercury retrograde can leave you feeling frustrated and off-track. Be patient. These interruptions will pass, and you’ll soon be on your way.

5. Life Seems Out of Control

Whether it’s a small task that fell apart or it’s days of feeling like you can’t gain control of a situation, a Virgo suffers from chaos during the Mercury retrograde.

Nothing has likely changed, yet the organization tools you depend on don’t seem to help you regain your sense of order. When the retrograde finishes, things will make sense again.

6. Your New Project Fails

It’s likely temporary, but starting a new project during the retrograde can delay its success. The retrograde is a great time to prepare for your project, gather your resources, and make plans to see it through.

However, if you can wait to kick it off until Mercury finishes its orbit, you might see better success from start to finish.

7. You Lose Touch

Has it been a while since you’ve heard from a friend? The people in your circle could also feel the effects of the Mercury retrograde—distant, on-edge, and off-balance.

Plus, if the technology isn’t working well, you could find it challenging to stay in touch. If you text or use social media as your primary methods to keep up with others, the retrograde can interfere.

Your friends and family probably haven’t gone anywhere. Check-in with them with the retrograde ends.

8. Your Intuition Seems “Off”

You’re usually very good at making good decisions. Your head is on straight, and you can trust your instincts on a typical day.

However, lately, your best guesses and intuition seems off. What seemed like a sure bet proved to be a poor choice at the moment.

You’re probably a Pisces suffering from the effects of the retrograde. The slow-motion of the planet’s orbit around the earth could throw off your best judgment.

Don’t make any big decisions during the retrograde. Wait it out and see if you feel the same about it when the retrograde ends.

9. You Can’t Achieve Balance

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is out of balance. You’re working too many hours without enough downtime. Maybe the opposite is true: you’re not motivated to work at all.

You’re leaving projects unfinished. You call into work for a mental health day. You’re sleeping too much or not enough.

However, the lack of balance affects you during this time, know that it’s temporary. Mercury will soon be back on its way out of the earth’s atmosphere, and you regain your sense of balance.

Wait it Out With Mercury in Retrograde

We all have times when nothing seems to work right. We don’t feel like ourselves, but we can’t quite figure out why. When you feel that way, check the calendar. If you find Mercury in retrograde, wait it out.

Find ways to realize if you feel anxious. Be patient with yourself if you’re forgetful or saying all of the wrong things. Don’t let out-of-character emotions or hurt feelings get in the way of relationships.

Mercury will pass, and what you’re feeling or experience during the retrograde will pass, too.

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