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Your Wardrobe Is Your Autobiography

You’re careful about the way you present yourself to the world. You speak and stand a particular way to give a good impression. You even share or hide your interests depending on how close you want to be with another person. When it comes to clothes, however, you may not be aware of the story you’re inadvertently telling. 

Your wardrobe is your biggest tell, and it can make or break the image you’re trying to build. 

On Choosing Age-appropriate Clothes 

Your Wardrobe Is Your Autobiography

It may simplify your wardrobe if all you’re wearing are hoodies, but it doesn’t do much for your credibility or image. It might even give the impression that you’re stuck at a certain age and have refused to move forward emotionally. Dressing too young will make you look out of place when surrounded by people your age, which emphasizes the fact that your life has no direction. 

Then again, a young professional dressed like a college student is just as bad as a young professional dressed two decades older. It’s one thing to wear vintage outfits, but if you look as dated as your clothing, you will also not make a good impression. If easy outfits are what you want, go with classic and timeless pieces you can mix and match. Then, stick to a simple but effective skincare routine and go face serum online shopping to keep your skin looking youthful. Old clothes and sallow skin never looked good on anyone. 

On Wearing Ill-fitting Clothes

Your Wardrobe Is Your Autobiography
The oversized shirts celebrities wear may be giving you the idea that fit doesn’t matter anymore, but that’s simply not true. Even when you’re wearing loose outfits, they should not hide your figure or look unflattering. There are also different ways of wearing oversized clothes to make them look fashionable. This way, their looseness will look deliberate. This gives a different impression than big clothes haphazardly thrown on as if you didn’t care about your appearance at all. Especially if you’re wearing hand-me-downs, you’ll want to balance them with pieces that are more structured so you will not look like you’re wearing a blanket. 

On Mixing Plains and Prints 

It takes some skill to not look like a clown when you’re wearing different patterns in one outfit. While you may want bold colors and statements to show everyone that you have a fun personality, unless you’re confident in your styling skills, it’s best to stick to one pattern per outfit. You can still wear prints in bold colors, but accessorize them with neutrals to temper the boldness and make your outfit look more polished. A clever way to show your fun personality is by wearing shoes in bold colors while sticking to a neutral palette for your clothes with pops of color that match your shoes. 

These days, there is more freedom to dress according to your mood and personality. However, this freedom should not lead to you looking like you have given up on yourself. With your clothes and your makeup as your autobiography, it’s better to create a story where you end up victorious and successful.