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10 Cliches We Love in Trashy Romance Novels

10 Cliches We Love in Trashy Romance Novels

Who doesn’t love a good trashy romance novel? It’s a guilty pleasure that many people share.

We all know that the best part of any romance are the cliches. We can’t help but love them no matter how many times we see them. And, let’s be honest. Trashy romance novels just wouldn’t be the same without them. 

So, before you pick your favorite book back up, read through our list and see which ones you agree with. 

Our Top 10 Cliches in Trashy Romance Novels

Not every trashy romance novel has all of these cliches, but most of them have at least one of them. So let’s jump right into them!

1. The Love Sickness

It’s the point when the woman is unsure of how she feels for the man or else knows she loves him but he’s been too stubborn to admit it. Then, something happens that changes everything.

He gets sick. Or injured.

Either way, our heroine finds the normally strong and indomitable man in a weak and vulnerable situation. One of them will protest, but soon her gentle nurturing will bring him back to health and spark their love.

2. Secret Losers

The hero of most romance novels appears to be perfect for the rest of the world, but as the story goes on, the woman uncovers his secret. Maybe he’s deeply insecure or had a humble past.

We can’t help to love seeing the man show his true self to the heroine. It reminds us that nobody is perfect and gives her a chance to get to know him more intimately than anyone else.

3. Unique Features

There’s always something about her that he can’t help but to be attracted to. Maybe it’s her unusual-colored eyes or her little upturned nose.

Whatever it is, she thinks nothing of it or it’s a point of insecurity for her. But it’s also the part of her he loves most and it reminds us that everybody can be loved no matter what unique features we have.

4. A Changed Man

No matter how aloof, rude, or insecure the man is at the beginning of the story, we always know her love will change him. And how could we not love seeing the power of love at work?

It reminds us that even the hardest person has a soft center that just needs the right person to draw out. And, it makes us feel like love can overcome all obstacles.

5. Mere Mortals

Paranormal romance novels all have the same basic plot: the mythical creature falls in love with a mortal.

It may be a vampire or werewolf man who loves a frail human woman or a delicate mermaid who falls in love with a human man who could cause her demise if he reveals her true identity.

It adds so many different dynamics to the relationship that you don’t get with boring old human-only relationships which is probably why they’ve gotten so popular recently.

By the way, if you want to check out a great list of some of the best paranormal romance books, you can view here. You may just find a new guilty pleasure there!

6. Rich or Famous

Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who’s rich or famous? It’s why we’re so drawn to this cliche. We love the idea of being able to have it all, even if we’re only living out that fantasy through the heroine.

She gets to enjoy the life of romance, excitement, and luxury that we all wish we could have.

7. The Fall-Out

No novel would be complete without the climax. In a romance novel, it’s always that moment when everything is going wrong and it looks like the guy may not get the girl after all.

You’re left on the edge of your seat wondering how they could possibly work things out even though you know they’re going to. But it’s that uncertainty that keeps you glued to the pages as you wait to see how they make up.

8. What Women Want

One of the things that attracts the heroine to the guy in the story is the fact that he instinctively knows what she wants. He seems to read her mind no matter what situation they’re in.

It starts when they first meet. He brings her the right blend of coffee without her needing to confirm her order. Then when she’s hiding how upset she is about something, he gives her the hug she didn’t know she needed.

From there it progresses into the bedroom where he’s able to please her like no man ever has before. And the reader is left wondering if she can get a man that’s even half as attentive.

9. Magical First Kisses

Ah, that magical first kiss. If only there could be more in every story, but you can only have one first kiss. It’s one of those cliches that you eagerly anticipate from the first time they meet.

What’s great about this cliche is that you never know when it will show up or how exactly it will happen. What we do know is that it will probably be unexpected and will definitely be magical and memorable.

10. Intense Passion

Let’s be honest. The intensely passionate scenes are the ones we’re really here for and it goes without saying that there’ll be at least one hot chapter in whatever trashy romance novel you’re reading.

And what’s not to love about these scenes? They’re exciting and can get your imagination running wild and your blood pumping. And every time the characters collapse breathlessly, we can’t help but wonder when it’s going to happen again!

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Now you’ve got a list of some of the cliches from trashy romance novels that we just can’t get enough of. 

If you agree with our list, share it with your friends along with your top favorite clique. Or, if you have a favorite, let everyone know in the comments below!