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3 Pieces Of Technology That All Online Businesses Need To Use

If you’re running an online business, you should already be fairly technology literate. You’ve built a functioning website and managed to find some customers, but that doesn’t mean you’re making full use of all of the technology available to you. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re running an online business is neglecting all of the great technology at their disposal because it can improve your business in so many ways. These are the pieces of technology that every online business should be using.

3 Pieces Of Technology That All Online Businesses Need To Use

Live Chat Services

Customer service is so important and in the online age, people have certain expectations. They don’t want to sit on hold for half an hour before they can speak to somebody and resolve their issues, they want an immediate response. That’s fine if you’re a massive company that can afford to have loads of people manning the phones and answering emails but if you don’t have that kind of money, you need another solution. Live chat services are great for this. You can give instant answers and staff members can handle multiple customers at once so it’s a lot more efficient. You can also use live chat bots so you don’t need to pay somebody at all. The technology is so good these days that customers can’t always tell that they’re not talking to a real person and it’ll be able to answer any basic queries that they have straight away.


Customers are always cautious about handing over their credit card details to a website because there are a lot of dangers online. That’s why security is so important. Most businesses already know that they need to protect themselves against cyber-attacks but you also need to protect the site from your customers end. That means you need a secure login service so only they can access their account. But you also need to make it easy to use so customers don’t get frustrated having to type in loads of login details all of the time. Jumio utilizes machine learning to help businesses implement a login service that protects customer information and helps them login securely so you should consider it for your business. If the login process is too lengthy, you’ll have a big problem with cart abandonment and sales will drop.

Analytics Software

Analytics software is an important piece of technology that often gets overlooked. You can use it to see how customers interact with your website and social media pages so you can find out what’s working and what needs to be changed. If you’re not using analytics then you won’t be able to spend your marketing budget in the most efficient way. There are some great free analytics tools from Google that you use so if you haven’t got the cash to spend, don’t worry. You need to be checking your analytics statistics on a regular basis to see whether your marketing efforts are working or not so you can stop putting resources into strategies that aren’t getting you any sales.

If you’re not using these great pieces of technology in your business, you’re only letting yourself down.