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Catch bed bugs before they take over your home

According to reports, the number of bed bug outbreaks is increasing. More and more households are becoming victims of these small critters. Bed bugs are a type of insect that is usually found bed mattresses, chairs, carpets, or clothing. These bugs feed off of human blood. The bites of bed bugs are not to be taken lightly. Such bites can cause rashes, psychological effects, and/or other allergic symptoms. In addition to rashes, a person may become very ill and find him or herself with a fever. These small bugs are hard to get rid of because they are so small and able to multiply quickly. Also, these dangerous insects do not usually respond to pest control tactics. There is no spray to exterminate them. Some people think that purchasing all new furniture is a sure way to get rid of bedbugs but this is a costly misconception. Bed bugs can embed themselves in any tight space. You may think that you are getting rid of the problem while the bed bugs could have embedded themselves in your carpet, clothing, or electronics. Once you bring in your new furniture, the bed bugs will just eventually find new homes in your new furniture. One of the best ways to combat a bed bug infestation is by catching the infestation before it gets out of hand. The following tip will allow you to notice the infestation before it gets bigger. 

Stained mattresses

One sign of bed bugs is staining on your mattresses. A number of stains can be an indication of the existence of bedbugs. One of the first stains to look for are small blood stains. After a bed bug has finished feeding off of your blood, then it may get rolled over on. Rolling over a bedbug with a full tummy can crush it and leave behind a blood smear. In addition to looking at your mattress for blood stains, be also sure to check your pajamas, sheets, and pillowcases.

Blood stains are not the only stains that bed bugs can leave behind. Small dark stains on your bedding or pajamas can also point to a bed bug infestation. The dark stains are the feces of the bedbugs.

Musty odor

Not only are there visual signs of a bed bug infestation, but your nose can also reveal an infestation problem. Bed bugs are small insects, but they give off a very distinct odor. Bed bugs give off a musty smell that has been compared to rotting raspberries. This distinct smell may not be noticeable if you have a small infestation, but they are noticeable to sniffing dogs that help to locate bedbugs.

Bed bug skins

Through the life of a bed bug, its sheds it skins about five times. Each new skin is for the bed bug to grow. The bedbug skins can be mostly found near where the bed bugs hide. The skins are usually light brown colored and resemble a bed bug.


Another sign that you have bed bugs is the appearance of eggs or eggshells. The eggs and eggshells are white in color. They are very small, approximately a millimeter in length. Though they are small they are still highly noticeable to the human eye. It should be noted that bed bug eggs are harder to get rid of than the actual bed bugs. The eggs act as a sort of protective shield for the baby bed bugs inside.

If you see bed bug eggs or eggshells you can be sure that more are coming or are in existence. A female bed bug can lay about five eggs a day. In its lifetime the female bed bug is able to lay 500 eggs in her lifetime. This can easily cause an infestation to become uncontrollable.

Though bed bugs are hard to kill and can multiply quickly, there is still hope for you and your household. Being able to notice the signs of bed bugs is the first step to fighting the problem. Once you notice the problem www.moxieservices.com can be contacted to help you to get rid of the problem. These individuals have special equipment that enables them to identify an infestation. Their equipment and techniques also help to pinpoint exactly where the bed bugs are hiding. Their equipment can help to make sure to get rid of the bed bugs and to keep them away.