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3 Reasons Why All Couples Should Have an Engagement Photo Session

While there’s an art to creating great wedding photos, what about engagement photos? While one could argue that an engagement photo session might not be as important a photo opportunity as a wedding, it’s important to document an engagement because it’s a magical time in a couple’s journey that is full of anticipation and excitement, with the promise of a beautiful future together. So, why should an engagement photo session be a priority?

It Creates Amazing Imagery of the Occasion

If you have an amazing ring to show off or you’re doing something very unique as an engagement, where you are sharing jewelry or whatever it is, the sessions usually result in amazing artistic images that stand out. 

Whether it’s matching tattoos or you have oval halo promise rings that you are either wearing as a couple now or you plan on exchanging on your wedding day, when you are creating an artistic image of the occasion, you are capturing that story and the authentic you that builds up to the big day. 

Your engagement marks the beginning of an amazing love story. An engagement photo session is a celebration of that part where you can show your connection, personalities, and the little things that bring you together. The photos become a visual reminder of the love that you share and a testament to this journey.

It Prepares You for Being in Front of the Camera

Having an engagement photo session is almost like a dry run for the big day. Many couples are naturally camera-shy and don’t like the idea of being the center of attention on their wedding day. If you opt for an engagement photo session, you’ve got the chance to become more comfortable before the main event. 

If there’s one thing that can be an issue on the big day for many couples, it’s that they don’t learn how to relax and be their authentic selves. By the time you get to your wedding day, having had a proper rehearsal of what it’s like to have a photo session, you will relax, be yourselves, and be more confident. 

As soon as that wedding photographer starts clicking away, you won’t even worry about having sweaty armpits or feeling like you need to put on a face for the camera!

It’s a Little Bit of Stress Relief

After you get engaged, comes the whirlwind of decisions and arrangements. This frenzy that builds up to the big day can be tense at worst. 

Having an engagement photo session provides a pleasant break from the entire journey to the big day so you can step back, relax, and actually focus on why you are together. Because a wedding day is so many different events and plans rolled into one, it can be a lot to contend with. 

Instead, use your engagement photo session as the opportunity to not just take a break from it all but also use this engagement photographer as a trial period for the big day itself!

An engagement photo session is an amazing way to honor and celebrate your love and is a testament to the commitment you’re making to each other. A very rare thing indeed, but an engagement photo session is a wonderful little tradition that can enhance the enjoyment of your engagement and prepare you for your wedding day.

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