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4 Signs You’ve Found The Person You Should Marry

When you fall in love, it’s not uncommon to start thinking about the idea of forever and getting married one day. It’s normal to start wondering whether the person that you’re with is the one that you should get married to and make a lifetime commitment with.

A lot of us hope that the person we are with is the one that we should stay with forever. However, in many cases, people jump to conclusions too quickly and find themselves in unhappy marriages, which ultimately end in divorce.

So, how can you be sure that the person you’re with is the one?

You Can Rely On Them

Many experts will insist that the basis of a real marriage is based on two people who can depend on each other through all of life’s good and bad moments.  

When you think about the words “for better or for worse,” it’s not hard to understand this philosophy. Even though you may not want to think about anything but good moments when you say “I do,” life is full of bad moments along with the good. It’s vital that you know you can rely on your partner, and they can rely on you too.

You Love Everything About Them

True love is more than just loving someone based on the way that they look. When you start getting to the deeper level of attachment for someone, you stop looking at how they look but paying more attention to how they act.

Your partner’s idiosyncrasies are what keep you hooked even when they’ve got morning breath and crazy hair. The so-called imperfections that you love about who you’re with is a good indication that you can be together forever.

It’s important to love the smallest of qualities about your loved one.

You’re Friends

Even though in the beginning you might have strong chemistry between the two of you, chemistry fades. True love is creating a strong friendship between the two of you.  

Friendship is much more sustainable than physical attraction and commitment. When you can laugh together even in the darkest of moments, then you know you’ve found the right one for you.

You Can Argue Respectfully 

Even happy couples argue. In fact, some experts believe that arguing is an important part of love. However, arguing doesn’t have to mean fists are flying and screaming.  

It’s important to be able to communicate disagreements openly without getting angry or heated. Hearing the other person out and respectfully explaining why you disagree shows that you value their thoughts and opinions. Couples who aren’t afraid to have opposing views and aren’t threatened by the other disagreeing will last a lifetime. 

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