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A Small And Cosy Wedding: How To Cut Back Without Compromising On Your Big Day

It’s normal to want a wedding ceremony that celebrates you and your partner; whether that means you want a lot of fuss and confetti, or you’d rather just a few close friends attend, it’s up to you! However, a lot of people are looking to save on their big day in 2024. The wedding industry is worth more than ever, and some people are even taking out loans in order to afford the wedding dress they want – is that a situation you find yourself in? Then it’s time to cut back without compromising on making your wedding day special. Here are the tips to keep in mind.

Use Recyclable, Natural Decor

The way you decorate your wedding will be according to a theme, a style, or simply a ‘vibe’ you enjoy. As such, you could be spending loads on various banners, flowers, curtains, columns, balloon arches… the list can go on and on! That’s why you should cut back in this area most of all. 

You can still decorate your wedding to your heart’s content – just make sure you use natural decor, or materials that can be easily recycled. Fallen leaves, or branches and twigs that have naturally broken off of trees, as well as fabrics that can be upcycled into clothing, such as cotton or linen which is easy to sew. 

Run a Set Menu with Bring Your Own Plate

You don’t have to fork out for a running buffet or pay for a three course meal for every single guest coming to the wedding – especially if there’s over 100 on the guest list! Instead, you can run a simple set menu and allow people to bring food of their own; you could even ask for these plates of food instead of a wedding gift, which is good for guests on a reduced budget. 

It’s also incredibly environmentally friendly, if that’s something you’re worried about as well! And always keep in mind that some people may be lactose or glucose intolerant, and your set menu should reflect that. 

Buy a Ring You Love

Even with all the other cutbacks you might want to make, or feel you have to make, the wedding ring is still going to be a big deal. You want to wear this ring for the rest of your life; when going shopping for wedding rings alongside other wedding sundries, that’s the one thing you should never forget. 

You deserve to buy the ring you like most, or give your partner a solid idea of the ring you’d like to pop on their finger during the ceremony. So don’t be afraid to go big here, if that’s what you like! The wedding day itself might be small and sweet, but your rings can say it all for you. 

If you want your wedding to be small and a little cosy, these tips can definitely help. You don’t have to compromise to be mindful about your spending, and you’ll have a great day!

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