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A Few Crucial Things to Know About Women’s Climbing Harnesses

Mountain climbing is a favorite adventure sport that promises a rewarding sense of achievement, exhilaration, and beautiful views. However, there is always a danger of falling accidents. A climbing harness is a safety device that allows the climber to access the safety of a rope. Whether you do alpine, mountain climbing, or wall climbing, a climbing harness is essential for all. 

If you are planning to buy a women’s climbing harness, you should spend time knowing everything about it to make an informed purchase. To learn essential things about women’s climbing harnesses, click here


Comfort is an important factor when choosing a climbing harness. The comfort of the harness is determined by its foam padding in leg loops and waist belt. You would be spending many hours in your harness during hanging belays, belaying, and hand dogging. Hence, you should consider the comfort factor before choosing one.  

Hiking experts mention effective weight distribution is closely related to comfort as you will be hanging for an extended period wearing the harness. Many popular women climbing harnesses are made with split webbing technology where the waist belt has two or more strands to distribute weight effectively. The leg loops are also designed the same way as the waist belt. 

Padding is essential for comfort, but it also adds to the weight. Hence, you need to consider a climbing harness with quality padding. 


Just because a harness is a protective gear does not mean it is not graded for performance. The three crucial things that matter to every climber are packability, easy on/off, and the weight of the harness. You need a high-performance climbing harness to achieve high stake objectives like climbing a severe alpine route. If you are interested in redpoint climbing, you need to select a minimalistic climbing harness and super lightweight. However, if you are interested in mountaineering or alpine climbing, you need to look for a harness that can be easily worn or taken off. 

The climbing harness should be low-profile that will allow you to tuck it quickly in a backpack when not in use.

Gear Loops 

You need to carry lots of things during an outdoor trek. Hence, you need to look for a climbing harness that provides good gear loops. You can find here some critical things about gear loops and activities: 

  • For short single-pitch trad, a climbing harness with a minimum of four gear loops would be enough. The reason is you have to carry a few items like a belay device and quickdraws. 
  • A climbing harness must have at least  45 large gear loops to carry your gear like big cams and other essential climbing gear for multi-pitch routes.  
  • It should have a haul loop and a minimum of five sizable gear loops for wall climbing. 
  • It needs to have ice slots and an adequate number of gear loops for ice climbing.   

Leg Loops Fixed or Elastic 

Climbing harnesses have two types of leg loops: fixed and elastic ones. The leg loops have a buckle and strap system that makes tightening and loosening the harness easy, especially when wearing winter clothing. Legs loops that cannot be adjusted are generally made of elastic that allows you to stretch them while wearing them and fitting them perfectly.

So, these are a few crucial things you should know about women climbing harnesses. Knowing these things will help you select a harness that perfectly fits your climbing adventure situation.

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