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Are You A Safe Driver?

If the answer to this is no, then you need to have a long hard look in the mirror and think what your actions might be doing to other drivers. So many people are killed each year in a car accident… around 1.3 million a year to be precise. People seem to underestimate the power and damage a car can do. This then leads to the accidents that actually cause the deaths. Not only that, but the people who are seriously injured in a car crash is nearly double the death figure, and the people just involved in a car crash without injury is well into the millions. So now you see, if you don’t consider yourself a safe driver, then do you want to become one of these statistics? We think not, and here’s how you can avoid it.

Are You A Safe Driver?

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The Accidents That Happen

The accidents that can happen when people who aren’t safe drivers are behind the wheel can be horrible. The devastation that can be caused is horrible. For one, you’ve got the other person involved. You don’t know who they are, if they have a family, a partner, children etc. So, for example, one of the most common accidents that can happen is caused when a driver is behind the wheel and on their phone. Sometimes even using hands free can be a big distraction nowadays. Legal experts for car accidents see so many accidents happen year on year due to this, and there’s not much that can be done to help the person at fault. It’s strictly against the law to be on the phone whilst driving, even if the phone is on loud speaker and in your hand. It’s still a form of being on the phone whilst driving, and it does still help to distract you whilst you’re behind the wheel. The second most common accident happens due to drivers hesitating believe it or not, or should be say, careless driving. If a person is hesitating, the other driver might hesitate as well, both decide to go at the same time, and boom, you have a crash. People not concentrating just because their thoughts are somewhere else is also another common way people crash. So it could be turning at a junction when a car is coming just because they didn’t think a car was coming. So, the main bit of advice that we have here is to make sure you’re always aware and alert to your surroundings!

More Awareness

It’s important to be aware of what your actions might cause for you, and for the rest of the people involved. If you cause a crash because of something such as drink driving, on the phone, speeding etc. you will have your license taken off you. That is if the crash was serious enough. If it was a little bump, sometimes things are questioned if no damage was done. In this instance, we think more should be done to improve the way minor incidents are dealt with. For example, at any incident that the police attend, no matter how big or small it may be, the police will breathalyse. But they won’t check to see if the person at fault might have been on their phone etc. So, now think what your life would be like without a car. Having to rely on lifts, public transport etc. to get about your daily life. If that doesn’t put you off doing some of the things you’re usually used to doing, we don’t know what will! Then think about the families that might be involved if you seriously harm another person. They’ll have to deal with the trauma of seeing their loved one injured, or worse, due to your actions. Always put other people first when driving!

Safer Cars

If you’re driving around in a car that has been modified as much as it possibly can, and it has the power to do speeds higher than your average car, even though it is an average car, then you know you’re going to cause some damage. For your safety, and the safety of others, it’s wise that you pick a safer car. There are certain manufacturers that are making big strides to protect the safety of the people behind the wheel. For example, crumple zones on new cars are stronger than ever, protecting the driver from potential harm in a high speed crash. There is now technology that will detect when a crash might happen, alerting the driver to safety.

So, after reading this we would hope that you’re going to be a safer driver moving forward!