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Sleeping Habits

Bad sleep isn’t just something that a few of us suffer from, it is a problem plaguing people all across the world. From the average Joe to major celebrities and politicians, many of us suffer from sleeping problems caused by bad sleeping habits or an uncomfortable mattress.

What causes these bad habits, though? It’s not genetics causing you to have these sleepless nights. It could be brought on by a number of external factors, many of which you can control or rectify very easily. Some of the most common causes of sleeping problems are:

A bad mattress which is lumpy or uncomfortable

Going to sleep too early

Not having a bedtime routine

Having too much caffeine too late in the day

Getting up too much in the middle of the night

Using electronic devices before bed

Sleeping habits affect most people at some point during their lives, but they can easily be fixed. You may not know it, but you could very well be sleeping atop an unsuitable mattress. It is recommended that you replace your mattress every five to ten years. If you haven’t done that in a while, be sure to look through some of the top mattress brands, spend a little extra money and get a really good one – believe me that you won’t regret it.

Additionally, creating a solid bedtime routine and avoiding stimulants like caffeine or alcohol in the hours before sleeping helps a lot. Turning off electronics emitting blue light like PC screen or a smartphone is a great idea too.

Alternatively, you may go a sleeping routine that doesn’t fit the usual sleeping patterns. If the facts in the visual story below are any indicator, the human body can do with many bizarre approaches to sleeping.