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The Best Ways To Say “Thank You”

Quality time with your partner is precious. Hopefully, you know that. It seems that now, we are working more and relaxing less, and we’ve got other pressures in life, so making the most of your time with your significant other is scarce. What’s even more scarce is saying “thank you.” Do you appreciate your partner when they aren’t there? Sometimes, we are so busy that we take our significant other for granted. It seems to be part and parcel of what life is all about now, and it’s nothing new. But, if you feel guilty about the fact that you don’t say “thank you” to your partner for being there for you too, how can we do it in a way that’s not overly saccharin?

Say Why You Appreciate Them

Sure, saying “thank you” is nice and all, but this can become a bit disingenuous over time. Instead, why don’t you say why they mean so much to you? A lot of us pay lip service to our partners by just saying “thank you,” and moving on with the day. But, if we explain to our partners why we appreciated them doing something for us, then it adds that extra meaning to our relationship with them.  If you’re sending any gifts from multiple people, consider getting group ecards that many of you can sign.

Choose Your Gift Wisely

Yes, we can always say “thank you” for the gifts, cards, or flowers. But be careful in picking the right gift. Chocolates are great, but is your significant other on a diet? Personalized gifts are a little something extra that shows your loved one how much you appreciate them, and there are plenty of sites, like ZoeysPersonalizedGifts.com for you to explore. And it’s so easy to do something personalized now, that picking up some chocolates on the way home can seem a bit too easy. Have a little think, and choose wisely.

Listen To Them

If you are married, or you are settled into a long-term relationship, you can get caught up in your own thoughts too much, that the other person’s explanation of how bad a day they’ve had can sound like radio static. Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you take the time to actively listen to what they have to say? It may sound like a simple skill, but if you are firmly stuck in a pattern where you seldom listen to them, they will notice right away that you are reacting more actively. You can learn some tips on active listening at MindTools.com to get some handy hints. Start actively listening to them now, and it’s a skill that will benefit you throughout your entire relationship.

Praise Them In Public

We can all feel a bit neglected on occasion, and it can be a big shock to the system if your partner praises us out in public, especially when they don’t normally! Take this on board, and explain to them why they’ve done something amazing for you. Yes, saying “thank you” is simple enough, but we don’t do it. Use these approaches, and it will make a massive difference to your relationship.