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Are You Making The Most Of Your Home?

Are You Making The Most Of Your Home?


A home could be perfect when you first move in but fast forward a couple of years and everything has changed. You have kids, pets, you might be looking after an elderly relative in your home. You could have guests that come and stay over regularly, or you might have started working from home and need a home office. Either way, it can go from spacious to cramped quite easily. However you don’t always need to move in this situation, you might have more room in your property than what you realized, they key is to make use of it. Here are some ideas.

See The Garden as an Extension of the Home

The garden is so much more than a bit of outside space. It’s essentially another ‘room’ that you have- if you’re not making the most of it then you really are missing out. You could set up a summer house or a garden swing, and enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine outdoors when the weather is nice. You could create a pond to encourage animal life to visit, or look online at fun backyard ideas for things like firepits, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and more. Decking is a good choice for both large and small gardens since it’s practical, looks smart and adds value to a home too. If you go with composite decking you won’t even need to sand, oil or paint it each year- the wood fibres are mixed with composite plastic meaning it’s rot and waterproof. Keep your lawn nice and tidy, and plant lots of pretty flowers and shrubs in pots and beds. There are plenty of winter blooming varieties out there which will make your garden look pretty through the colder months until everything comes back to life in the spring.

Make Use of the Nooks and Crannies

Wasted space under the stairs or unused coat cupboard? These could be transformed into an extra bathroom. Boiler cupboard in the kitchen? Why not make it into a pantry. Spare bedroom that’s full of junk? Give it a clear out and create a home office. Do you have a large master bedroom with lots of extra space? How about creating an ensuite or walk in wardrobe within it. Get smart with the space and make the best use of what you have. If you’re completely out of room and don’t want to move, you always have the option to extend upwards into the loft or down into the basement. You could extend outwards, or even have a garden room put up. These don’t have to be attached to the house so can go anywhere in the garden, are cheaper and quicker to put up than extensions. Plus they’re fully insulated and have electricity run to them so they function as a proper room.

Keep It Organised

Even a large home will feel cramped and chaotic when it’s full of clutter. Regularly donating and throwing things away will make sure your home isn’t becoming filled with things you no longer need or use. Finding a place for everything means it’s easy to tidy and put things away so you can keep on top of it. Consider built in wardrobes, these are great as they go from floor to ceiling giving you much more space than a regular wardrobe. They can also be built around nooks and strangely shaped rooms meaning you’re not losing out on space. Use storage boxes, bins, drawer dividers and all other kinds of storage so that it’s easy to keep everything neat. When your home is organized and free of clutter, you have more space for the things you do want and will use.

Go Open Plan Downstairs

Open plan living is popular these days and is useful if you want to make your home feel bigger. If you’re constricted by tiny downstairs room, take down the walls and go with an open layout. If you have a larger family it means you can spend time together without it feeling so cramped, plus it looks fantastic too. The light will come through better without being blocked by walls so it will feel lighter and brighter. Since internal walls can be surprisingly thick, removing them can free up a lot of space. And if you have things like a narrow hallway or a tiny kitchen, opening up the walls can just allow the space to be used in a more efficient way.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Home?

Open plan feels more spacious- link

Create Off Road Parking

Many streets were built before people had two or three cars per household like many do now. If you live on an older road, you might find place to put your car, especially when many others will be parking theirs too. One thing you can do is turn your front garden into a drive, if it’s big enough. It can still look nice, have flowerbeds along each side and you can fill them up with plants and flowers and not spoil the kerb appeal of your home. If you come to sell in future this will be beneficial too since many buyers will want off road parking. If you have space to the side, you could have a garage built. A garage or drive will reduce the cost of your car insurance and is another way to make the most of the space on your property.

With a few tweaks and some renovations, you can make your home far more functional without having to move. If you’re attached to your home, live in a good area or are close to work and schools it makes sense to make changes rather than up sticks. Not only will you make life easier but you’re likely to boost the value of your home too, which is useful if you ever do sell it later down the line.

Have you made any of these upgrades to your home? Which would be the most beneficial for you if you were to renovate?