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Bachelorettes Gone Bad – Don’t Make These Mistakes!


Lots of girls dream of being a bridesmaid when their best friend ties the knot. It’s a way to show just how strong the bond between the two of you is, and you also have a public platform to show just how much you love your friendship. However, being a bridesmaid isn’t all fun and games. There are actually a few big responsibilities that you will have as well. For instance, you will be in charge of planning the bachelorette party. This is the bride’s send-off of freedom before she becomes a married woman, so it’s your one and only chance to give her the send off that she deserves. It’s, therefore, a good idea not to make any of these common mistakes!


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Procrastinating With The Planning

Planning a really good bachelorette can take a lot of time and effort. You might even find that the whole process of thinking of something to do, finding and booking venues and catering, and organizing all the other guests can be quite boring. As a result, some bridesmaid planners end up procrastinating when they should really be busy planning. You only have a finite time to get everything ready, and it’s best not to wait around to book anything. Otherwise, you could find that venues and other entertainment options are fully booked for your chosen date. So, don’t waste any time and get straight to work.

Excluding People

If there is a team of bridesmaids, then it’s important that you all work together in the party planning. You should make sure that everyone gets an equal say in what you organize and that you all have a fair share of the responsibility. Don’t leave anyone out as they could end up feeling like they’ve been snubbed. Even if you don’t know everyone quite as well as some, it’s still important to make sure everyone feels included and has their chance to offer their opinion.

Bachelorettes Gone Bad - Don't Make These Mistakes!


Not Being Creative With Ideas

It’s always good to try to think outside the box. That way, you won’t run the risk of disappointing the bride by going for a standard bachelorette party that most other brides will have. You need yours to stand out from the crowd and be completely unique! So, it’s worth taking a look at the Party Fairy party supplies store to see if they have any treats and goodies that can inspire your creative juices. Perhaps you want to use some of their party decor pieces to create an exciting theme for the party?

Ignoring The Bride’s Wishes

Even though the bachelorette should be a big secret for the bride until the day of it, she will probably still tell you a few things that she might not want. For example, quite a few people tell their bridesmaids if they don’t want strippers. It’s important that you respect her wishes, no matter what she tells you. After all, it’s her party!

Hopefully, these tips make the party planning a little bit easier for you!