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When Does Using An Abortion Pill Become Necessary?

When Does Using An Abortion Pill Become Necessary?

Life is precious. We are all aware of that. However, certain situations require as to take extreme measures. Circumstance can be a cruel mistress, after all. There are simply times when we’re compelled to make a tough call – yes, no matter how much it hurts us. Say, having to say goodbye to a love you haven’t met yet.

I’m talking about the controversial topic of abortion.

In the world today, people are becoming more and more vocal about their individual opinions and values. It is not so uncommon to see people come in conflict with each other because they uphold different views about certain things in life. It would even be no exaggeration to say that these people form factions of some sort and exist in opposite sides of a pole. They can never see eye to eye with each other. Regarding the issue of abortion, for example, the world is torn in half. There exists the pro and the anti-faction.

Does Pro-abortion Mean You’re Anti-Life?

When Does Using An Abortion Pill Become Necessary?

The common misconception is that when people agree to aborting life, they’re already against it. A lot of people are so quick to pass judgement, especially concerning matters they find disturbing. Let us remember that our reactions to certain things are a reflection of who we are. For example, if you react violently to the existence of homosexuals and other gender orientations, what does that tell you about yourself? Are you reacting negatively because you’re strongly against it or because you fear it? Read this for reflection: https://medium.com/@kolyanne/what-annoys-you-and-what-you-hate-about-others-is-your-own-reflection-64c28ecc0032

We are all entitled to our own understanding and beliefs. However, there’s a limit to how much we can express our own thinking – especially when we are not completely aware of the reason or story behind such decisions. In the end, we should still be courteous and respectful of people who have had to make tough calls. 

This goes without saying but they’re the ones to suffer most from the event. Condemning them for a choice they made after having thought it over for many sleepless nights is just adding salt to their (already) deep wound.

Let’s talk about the ever-controversial topic of Abortion.

Why Would Expecting Mothers Ever Consider Abortion?

Before we criticize a woman’s choice of going for abortion, let us first remember this: Every woman is endowed with maternal instinct – and it is amplified as she matures in age and body. This means that all women have this nurturing instinct; it is a part of their nature. This is why when she gets pregnant, the normal response of her body is to “protect” what is within her, not shun it away.

However, there are times in a woman’s life that she has to make the drastic decision of going against her nature (which is very difficult, traumatic, and painful) and withdraw her pregnancy. People should understand that popping an Abortion Pill is not just something you can do under a minute. It’s something that requires thorough thinking and actually visiting an abortion pill clinic for professional counselling and advice. The painstakingly long hours of thinking it through, the feeling of nausea creeping up as soon as the pill enters the mouth, and the heavy weight on one’s chest that does not become any lighter even after months and months have passed are not easy to overcome.

More than you know, more than you allow yourself to care, people who are going through the ordeal are the ones suffering the most. And they often strengthen their conviction when they’re faced with the following situations:

There Is A Threat To The Mother’s Health 

I think that one of the most difficult decisions to make is deciding which life is more important. Which should be given up so that the other can live on? Many abortion cases arise because the pregnancy itself has some implications on the mother’s health. Some mothers push through with the pregnancy and are able to deliver their babies safely but there are also those who do not make it – so it’s a 50-50 chance. Not to mention, there’s no telling whether both or none of the two will survive the whole birthing process. A motherless child is a tragedy of its own which is why many doctors allow mothers to make this big choice not only for themselves but also for the youngling.

The Baby’s Health Is Far Too Fragile

Because of our technology today, we have ways of knowing the state of our baby’s health before they’re even born. Unfortunately, some parents do not receive such great news. So instead of risking the quality of life their baby may have should it be born, they have to make a tough choice.

This article does not purport to support abortion or disregard the sanctity of life. It’s just to bring awareness that some people have to make the most heart-wrenching decisions and our ill judgement only hurts them more. Let us all give respect to one another and simply offer kindness whenever we can. It helps. 

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