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Clearing Out Your Old Junk

It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of your home, living with your parents or just renting a room in a flat, we’ve all got a lot of possessions that we can’t throw away and many of us don’t even know why. The old ‘junk’ just gets stored in the attic or in the garage because “we might need it one day”, and many of us even take this junk with us when we move house rather than throwing it away or having it recycled.

One of the main reasons that people choose to move house is because there simply isn’t the space in their current home to do everything they want – raise a family, get a dog, buy a bigger dining room table – but getting rid of the junk could be the answer. It’s just a case of making that step to dispose of the things that you don’t want or need anymore, whether that’s by Clearabee (the alternative to skip hire), or by taking the things to the local charity shop personally.

Sometimes what you’re throwing away is too big to fit in the car, like old furniture for instance, and in this case, you might need some help from a friend or an agency who specialize in taking away your used or unwanted items. This can still be difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself so it’s worth investigating the possibility of employing help from a company who can collect your items and take them to the right place to dispose of them.

Having removed the clutter from your home, you can find that it’s a much nicer place to live. You’ll no longer be walking around your bedroom climbing over boxes full of things you have no use for, and you’ll be able to use the garage for its actual purpose – parking the car, storage for bikes and tools, for example – rather than it becoming a dumping ground for things you can’t throw away.

It’s often starting the project that people struggle with most. After all, with so much to throw away – where do you start? The best idea here is to schedule a day, maybe a weekend, where you can focus your attentions on clearing out the clutter from one specific room. Empty all the cupboards and shelves and decide what is staying and what is going. When you plan things and see the task through, it’s often much easier and less stressful than going at it with no “plan of action” so to speak and simply throwing away bits and bobs as you come across them.

Have some music playing in the background if it helps. Tidying and clearing out clutter can be a stressful and boring project, but if you’re singing along to your favorite music it can make the day go much more quickly.