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Decorating Your Teenager’s Bedroom On A Budget

Looking through interior design catalogues, you almost always come across a section for teenagers and their bedrooms. You can get very quickly overwhelmed by the designer homewares used for the bedrooms of the children in the house, even if those children are in their teens! There is a lingering idea in the interior design world that unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars on designer furniture, you cannot be on trend. Most parents don’t have the cash to splash on lavish interiors, teenager or not, and even if you do have the cash, you may not want to spend it anyway!

You can create a private bedroom space with all the modern interiors your teenager needs without going broke in the process. You can break out your credit card from Walmart and do just as well furnishing and decorating from there than you could shopping at your designer furniture store of choice. You can also turn your interior design project into a fun activity for you – it’s good for bonding with a teenager who may have drifted a little bit with high school and all that comes with it. It can be so much fun to paint and build furniture together, chatting about life and how they are doing.

Decorating Your Teenager's Bedroom On A Budget

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Furniture is an obvious must with a bedroom – and not just for the bed. Dressing tables, end tables, ottomans: you need them all to be able to have a fully functioning bedroom. You don’t have to spend a lot. Choose to upcycle from thrift stores, or recycle furniture you have in other areas of the house. Taking the old sideboard outside, sanding it down and giving it a fresh coat of paint is a good way to give your teenager something ‘new’ without spending anything at all. A lot of the time, interior designers start with the wallpaper or paint and go from there. Personally, we think it’s a great idea to match your paint to your bedding first. If your teenager has a favourite colour, you can work your walls and floors to match that. Sure, it doesn’t all have to be periwinkle blue or lilac, but you can use more neutral tones in the room and jazz the rest up with great accessories and rugs.

Adding rugs and curtains as well as giant bean bag chairs is a great way to make your teenagers bedroom look comfortable and cosy. Teens often park themselves on the floor with friends to lounge, read or play video games, so if you make the floor as soft and supportive as possible with plush carpets and extra thick rugs, you can make the space somewhere they want to hang out. Get their opinion on what they want for their room, though. The last thing you want to do is overpower what they want: it’s their space and you need to have them use it the way that they want to. Infuse your teenagers own style into the bedroom and take them shopping for those all important accessories.