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Formal fashion: What’s on trend in the workplace now?

Few would disagree that workplace culture has completely turned on its head over the last few years.

Formal fashion: What's on trend in the workplace now?

If we were to turn back the clock several decades, there was one management style and one management style only. Now, these styles have opened up a lot more, and employers are much more open to the concept of giving their workers autonomy.

It’s not just management styles that have changed, either. Something else that has turned on its head is clothing in the workplace. Again, once upon a time it was suits and no excuses. Now, formal fashion has changed somewhat and, in some cases, even become a little more informal.

This is the topic that we are going to drill into today, as we take a look at some of the formal fashion trends that are worthy of a mention in the current age.

Keep things simple

Several years ago, there’s no doubt that the term “formal” would have resulted in a very expensive outfit indeed. After all, this was something that may have involved, braces, pocket squares, a pocket watch and so much more.

Of course, if you’re trying to achieve a classic look, this might be something that you consider. However, in general, formal attire is just about keeping things simple. Invest in a nice suit and let that do the talking. You can top things off with a pair of shoes, or in the case of females, a pair of black ankle boots.

You can go colourful – within reason

When it comes to formal fashion at work, many of us stay very safe. This is of course not surprising, navy and grey tones have become stalwarts in the typical formal office.

However, alternatives are available. Earthy tones certainly fall into this category, whether it is a shade of green or brown.

What shouldn’t you do? Don’t go too outlandish with your colour. Let’s not forget that this a formal fashion guide, so a bright yellow suit just isn’t going to work.

Knitwear can sometimes come to your rescue

In some environments (note the S-word here), you don’t have to turn to a suit each and every day. It is here where knitwear can come to your rescue and allow you to wear something a little different. Crew necks and roll necks are both possibilities, and when worn with formal trousers really can make you stand out for the right reasons.

Avoid slim fitting garments

Again, if we were to go back in time, slim fit was really big in the fashion world. It was completely fashionable and was something that stood out significantly from the “standard” fit that we had been used to for decades.

However, it has been pushed too far. Nowadays slim fit is quite often tight and put simply, very unflattering. As such, try and keep things simple again, and just buy a suit that complements your body shape. And yes, the standard fit option usually falls into this category.