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Home Library: Escape The World With The Collection Of Good Books

Let’s go back to your childhood. Were there any books piled up on your shelves or bedside tables when you were a kid? At that time, have you ever realized how the number of books has a direct impact on literacy and education? It does impact our education. Think we are exaggerating? Then take a look at these facts!

  • As per a study, growing up in the environment of books has a positive and lasting effect on an individual’s education and career.
  • Reading helps in reducing stress and can slow down the process of cognitive aging.
  • Taking out barely 6 minutes from your schedule to give it to reading reduces your stress level by up to 68%.
  • One research has found out that readers have a nearly 32% lower rate of mental decline in their later years as compared to the non-readers. 

Now, it is not possible to build a home library with an enormous 500 number of books. But you can always start small, right? Building a home library even with as few as 20 books can help develop the reading habit and fuel learning at home. So all the bibliophiles out there, are you ready to build an incredible home library?

Dig deep into the following ways and get into the world of books. 

Comfortable seating – Besides enjoying the library with the books, the important parameter is the seating. The comfort level should be at the top if you decide to delve deep into the world of words. The rule here is to make the seating as comfortable as possible, whether space could accommodate a single chair or group of chairs. Select the comfy chairs, tables, or sofas, whatever you like. 

If you want the coziest feeling, then you can always look up to the window seat. How many of you have ever imagined sitting near the window seat, holding a good book and a hot cup of coffee in your hands? Isn’t it amazing? Obviously, it is. It is like killing two birds with one shot!

 Lighting – No wonder that lighting is vital for every room of your abode, but it becomes all the more important if we talk about the home library. Three types of lighting play an important role here – 

  • Ambient lighting – Think about installing a chandelier if your ceiling is set up for a hard-wired fixture. You can also consider installing a wall dimmer switch. Wall sconces give a dramatic look when installed with dimmers. 
  • Task lighting – Reading is the task where you have to concentrate a lot with your eyes and brain. So, don’t just rely on the overhead light. Ensure to install a table lamp for each seat of the reader. Don’t forget to choose the right height of the lamp. To increase the comfort level, lights should shine directly on the book pages. 

 If you have a larger table, go for the desk lights or an overhead fixture. It will shine directly on the tabletop surface. 

  • Mood lighting – What about making the atmosphere pleasing? Here is where mood lighting spread its wings. It helps in making the environment positive and soothing. Install the puck lights on the ceiling. If you have artwork in the library, highlight the special pieces or decorative artwork with the picture lights. 

Blue and brown color scheme – Never ever ignore the color scheme when it comes to designing an alluring library. Don’t just stick to browns and blacks. There are many other wonderful color combinations to choose from. Try out a simple mix of brown and blue. You will be surprised to see how well it strikes a balance with space.   

Attractive look with green walls – There is no denying the fact that the library has to be a quiet place, but it should not be boring. Make it visually as appealing as possible. You can make the space bold and energizing with green-colored walls. Moreover, accentuate the seating with the leopard prints. Now have a look at how the combination of green and yellow is looking. It will definitely catch the eyes of every visitor as they will witness there is more to look at your home library besides the books. 

Hang artwork – How can you give a real library feel to your home library? Add some personality by bringing art into the show. What option can you choose? You can choose to hang landscapes or modern art. Nowadays, you also buy Art for sale online as it gives umpteen choices of art like abstract art or classic nature paintings. 

Dramatic shelves – To create a dramatic look, go for classic choices. Confused what are we talking about? In terms of classic colors, create classic shelves with black and white. An entire library with a clean and classic look – all it creates is the simplicity in itself along with the drama.  

Give an Academic vibe – Surrounded with the books all around, giving an academic vibe to the space enhances it more. How can you give it a scholarly look? Try something like putting a big-sized globe on the table or hanging a full-size world map on the wall. Give it a retro look by decorating the space with the old bottles. 

Eye-catching accessories – Now it is time to add some eye-catching accessories to take the best from your home library. Add colorful rugs for vibrancy. Create a breathtaking view with stylish pieces of pottery. And delve deep into a good book. 

To sum it all up

 Building a library at your abode fuels your brain cells and also elevates the overall aesthetic of the house. An entire room meant for only books is not only apt for working or reading but also is a good choice for enjoying leisure time with board games. Remember to explore the books here as much as you can because Walter Savage Landor said – “Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.” So, let your inner bibliophile come out of you and give the opportunity to the books to transport you to the whole new world.